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March 7, 2018
It was cool to see some of the story here but seemed a little rushed. Good acting though.
March 2, 2018
The lead actor in the title role does a great job as Tupac, and the music is great, but there is very little depth into the life of the rapper.
½ February 17, 2018
Was too much of a replica of everything, movie scenes videos, wanted more of thriller story line!
February 10, 2018
Not too bad. was somewhat laughable with the characters they chose to play certain people.
½ February 8, 2018
what a disappointment
February 3, 2018
I suspect this film's poor score on rotten tomatoes reflects the same racism depicted in the film and at the heart of the misunderstanding of tupac. Sure are a lot of white folks on the front page of rotten tomatoes' movie page.
½ January 29, 2018
Was good not great. Visually nice movie and great acting from Demetrius. Only issue was the first 35 or 40 minutes of the movie was too quick. Needed to cover more of the music icons life.
January 29, 2018
Movie was great. After listening to Tupac's lyrics throughout my adolescence this movie sang true to to me. I have no doubt that every scene in this story was subjective and partisan to the people who knew him personally. However, as a fan who's been following this artist a long time, I feel that his intelligence, integrity, and soulfulness was accurately portrayed
½ January 29, 2018
Shipp is a perfect portrayal of Tupac Shakur. A good movie but a very objective and high-level view of the life of Tupac. It didn't jump in depth as I would as most would have liked. Regardless, the film is entertaining and will be better than the review scores demonstrate.Worth checking out.
January 21, 2018
I was really impressed with how much of his life they covered in this film. Pac was portrayed very well and I felt very invested into the story. Very well made movie. 4/5
January 17, 2018
Man critics are whack, this movie wasn't that bad at all... Especiialy the second half with Suge and Death Row!
January 17, 2018
Taught it was alot better than its given credit for.
January 15, 2018
It was ok could of been better!
December 24, 2017
Movie lost my attention in the first ten minutes and never really recovered it.
December 17, 2017
Trailer was better than the movie, they should've got people who knew Tupac well enough to make this film
December 13, 2017
As I watched the movie I felt very emotional. Some parts are very touching. Overall great movie.
December 12, 2017
very spotty acting inaccurate way to long and completely disjointed everything straight outta Compton did right this movie did wrong
½ December 8, 2017
Guess his life was smoking weed and acts of violence. So goes the theme. Damn shame because they gave the movie 2 hour's running time. Still managed to be the typical fast forward shit show. Not on straight outta Compton level but definitely above notorious & countless other's. Played all the hits through out. The scene with the kid at record studio was horrible. One of many scenes that should of been cut.
December 5, 2017
It was a fantastic movie and a phenomenal display of one of the most influential and powerful rappers in history. The acting isn't extraordinary but the message behind it makes this movie exceptional. It is a work of art and has highlighted the work and success of Tupac Shakur. This movie was made in loving memory of him by those who admire what he's accomplished and to respect him. He died in a horrible way and the creators of this movie want the world to understand and appreciate his work. Those of you who are leaving one star comments, you aren't watching the movie. Sure, you might be seeing it from the outside and you might see a guy who doesn't matter, but you aren't really watching. Listen to his songs, listen to the lyrics, then watch the movie. Understand what he wrote and understand what he stood for. He was not a fake role model, he was real and acted as himself all the time. People accepted him not as a leader, but as a friend or even family. He deserved this movie and should he be alive today, we'd be a more advanced society today. To anyone reading this, watch the movie again but this time, truly understand the plot and what he stands for, listen to the music with your heart, then write your review.
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