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All The King's Men Quotes

  • Willie Stark: (repeated line) Nail 'em up!
    Willie Stark: Nail 'em up!

  • Sadie Burke: The world is full of sluts on skates.

  • Jack Burden: To find somethin', anything, a great truth or a lost pair of glasses, you must first believe there would be some advantage in findin' it. I found somethin' a long time ago, and have held on to it for grim death ever since. I owe my success in life to it; it put me where I am today. This principle: what you don't know, won't hurt you. They called it idealism in a book I read.

  • Willie Stark: They fooled you one thousand times, just like they fooled me. But this time, I'll fool somebody. I'll stay in this race. I'm on my own and out for blood. Listen to me, you hicks! Lift up your eyes and look at God's blessed and uniflown truth. This is the truth! You're a hick himself. Listen to me, listen to me! They were gonna use me to split the vote. But I'm standin' here now on my hind legs. Even a dog can learn to do that. Are you standin' on your hind legs? Have you learned that yet? Here it is, you hicks! Nail up anybody who stands in your way. Nail up Joe Harrison! Nail up McMurphy! If they don't deliver, give me the hammer and I'll do it. I want his throat cut from ear to ear.

  • Jack Burden: You only get a couple of moments that determine your life. Sometimes only one. And then it's gone forever.

  • Willie Stark: Time brings all things to light, I trust it so.

  • Willie Stark: Remember, it is not that I who have won, but you. Your will is my strength, and your need is my justice, and I shall live in your right and your will. And if any man tries to stop me from fulfillin' that right and that will, I'll break him with my bare hands, for I have strength of many.

  • Sadie Burke: The world of full on skates?.
    Sadie Burke: The world of full on skates?

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