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December 13, 2009
What is on screen is impressive, even with the sense of something missing.
August 7, 2008
February 8, 2003
December 31, 2002
Part elegy, part romance, and part myth, it's a sweeping paean to the lost West, a dreamy chronicling of the end of an age.
October 30, 2002
August 30, 2002
A soft, dusty, widescreen [old-school western]... an intelligent, sensitive drama with an epic scope, muted narrative and impressionistic heart.
February 28, 2002
February 6, 2002
A film of infinite possibility that somehow got reduced to tangible mediocrity.
August 9, 2001
Unfolds carefully over an expansive canvas, with the same feel of involvement as a well-written epic novel.
March 2, 2001
February 27, 2001
a beautifully filmed modern Western that moves at a quick pace, but feels clunky and ill-formed
February 7, 2001
January 1, 2001
December 28, 2000
Thornton's directorial style is one of careful, loving devotion.
December 27, 2000
It is fun to watch as entertainment and indeed as a work of art.
December 27, 2000
Black, who co-starred with Thornton in Sling Blade, is wonderful, stealing scenes and giving the whole production a greater sense of authenticity.
December 26, 2000
Working from Ted Tally's casually artful script, director Billy Bob Thornton guides Matt Damon, Henry Thomas and Penelope Cruz to their most impressive performances in a major movie yet.
December 26, 2000
Conveys a deep, simple faith that doing the right thing is its own reward.
December 25, 2000
An elegiac, visually hypnotic film about love, honor, reverence for nature and the loss of tradition.
December 25, 2000
Matt Damon's earthy movie star performance is well worth seeing, but don't go in expecting a sustained sense of drama.
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