All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records Reviews

October 10, 2017
The movie might have been more entertaining for otherwise uninterested viewers if it served up more sleazy stories from the days when LA was the music capital of the world and every rocker haunted Tower.
December 4, 2015
We learn of the party-hearty environment and family-like vibe of a world where it was cool to write off cocaine as a business expense. And we see the hubris and myopia that doomed the industry.
November 19, 2015
As Bruce Springsteen says in the film, "Everybody in a record store is a little bit of your friend for 20 minutes or so." And he's right - including all the ups and downs that friendship entails.
November 6, 2015
It's loving and lovely, but goes too easy on the hubris and greed.
November 5, 2015
Colin Hanks makes his feature directing debut with this irresistible documentary about the evolution of the music business.
November 5, 2015
Lively and loving ...
November 5, 2015
The real beating heart of the film is its collection of wild war tales told by the company's former employees, who regarded Tower as more than just a paycheck gig or a commercial proposition.
October 29, 2015
Overall, this is an assured effort: informative, bittersweet and appealing for both the young and the not so young.
October 16, 2015
But Hanks wisely limits the celebrity talking heads in this rise-and-fall story. Instead, he focuses on the people who built the company from a Sacramento drugstore annex to a global brand, creating a ragtag family in the process.
October 16, 2015
Any movie that begins and ends with the sound of a phonograph needle hitting vinyl knows the audience sweet spot it's aiming for, and for those folks, "All Things Must Pass" is a rousing success.
October 15, 2015
This movie makes you appreciate anew the one-on-one social dimension lost in the music industry's headlong switch to digital downloads.
October 15, 2015
If the homilies eventually feel a bit repetitive, the warmth and goodwill generated by the landmark company are conveyed by this earnest and affectionate documentary.
October 13, 2015
The director's native warmth and sympathy are extended here to the store and the personalities that made it a billion-dollar, globe-bestriding colossus.
October 12, 2015
All Things Must Pass is disarmingly intimate for a film about a massive retail chain.
September 14, 2015
While the yellow and red sign may be gone, perhaps the lasting legacy of Tower is that in their customers they bred a generation of curious and enthusiastic listeners who continue to follow the music, no matter where it comes from next.
April 25, 2015
A sentimental yet sharply observed documentary about the rise and demise of retail giant Tower Records.