All This Mayhem Reviews

April 3, 2019
All This Mayhem captivates not only in its energetic style of storytelling, but also thanks to the charisma that exudes from the mouth of Tas as he honesty tells his side of this doomed Shakespearean tale.
October 10, 2014
What happens to Ben is a head-spinning account of a talented sportsman completely losing the plot.
August 20, 2014
It is the brace of interviews conducted in the present day that really resonates with the viewer.
August 17, 2014
With a strong story at its core and the archive footage to back it up, All This Mayhem proves to be not only an engrossing story but an important one as well.
August 8, 2014
Once again, we are reminded of the way that the US manages to defang, monetise and institutionalise its own initially thrilling subcultures.
August 7, 2014
Candid and clear-eyed, this doc will wow boarding fans but has something to offer to the unconverted too.
August 7, 2014
A painfully frank documentary.
August 7, 2014
A sad, involving story.
August 7, 2014
Martin has bestowed cinematic order on mayhem-fuelled lives.
August 7, 2014
It wants to be Goodfellas or Boogie Nights for the skatepark scene. It gets some of the way there.
August 1, 2014
Rare is the feat that both as well as All This Mayhem achieves, however: transcending whatever level of care or lack thereof the viewer has for the central activity to elicit a deep, destroying investment in the events dissected and figures immortalised.
July 21, 2014
Martin turns a cautionary tale into rollercoaster material: with extraordinary home-video footage capturing the Pappas' rise and fall with an immediacy that leaves you stirred, shaken and moved.
July 20, 2014
There is a thrilling and disturbing story here, with a fully realised and exotic milieu, heroes, villains, a compelling story arc, and gasp-inducing twists and turns.
July 18, 2014
I didn't know this story and I found it compelling.
July 18, 2014
It's Shakespearean. It's the depths of the tragedy.
July 18, 2014
This brisk, locally made documentary provides a very good, very pungent cautionary tale about what happens when you get too much too fast.
July 7, 2014
In what is shaping up to be a banner year for Australian cinema, this wild and powerful doco has officially stolen the lead.
June 20, 2014
A cautionary tale for sure, it is also a charismatic, frantic and utterly engrossing adventure into the drop we all face when partying on the summit.