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½ January 2, 2016
I really enjoyed this WWII propaganda piece, a comedy of Brooklyn gangsters having a turf war with the Nazis. It has a can't-miss, who's who of Hollywood showbiz supporting cast, not to mention Bogie in fine form. Heartily recommended.
May 23, 2015
a fun, lighthearted political gangster movie that appropriately lambasts the Nazis.
½ June 8, 2014
"All Through The Night" es Una cinta de suspenso con toques cómicos, acerca de un apostador (Bogart) envuelto en una conspiración Nazi. Bogart, como siempre, nos ofrece una gran actuación, pero aquí el show se lo roban los malvados interpretados por Conrad Veit, Peter Lorre y Judith Anderson.
½ February 1, 2014
Movie industry goads the masses into war with this silly movie. Kaaren Verne is an absolute babe.
½ September 7, 2013
Classic Bogart in a thriller comedy that showcases his humourous side as well as the excellent leading man that we've come to enjoy.
½ July 29, 2013
Fast paced forties fun complete with all sorts of chases and gunplay action!
July 27, 2013
It was fun with some action. I was initially interested in the plot with the cheesecake, but then it took a turn for anti nazi propaganda. The plot to attack the battleship with a boat loaded with explosives made me think of the uss cole attack, and Syriana.

It was fun, and I got to practice German too. I enjoyed the dachshund too named Hansel, he made quite a few appearances and sacrificed his life on the boat.
July 23, 2013
You can't go wrong with Bogie! With Peter Lorre, William Demarest (from "My Three Sons"), Jackie Gleeson, Phil Silvers. A good propaganda film about Nazi's infiltrating America.
½ January 26, 2013
This comedy and drama is quite entertaining but the mesh of comedy and drama doesn't really work well here despite the presence of Phil Silvers and Jackie Gleeson. Humphrey Bogart shines in his role as Gloves Donohue although his sense of comedic timing is somewhat lacking.
November 14, 2012
All Through the Night might seriously be one of the most suspenseful and thrilling and - at the same time - most amusing and joyful comedy thrillers of the 1940's. It's a star-studded picture, which astounds with a noteworthy, most up-to-date, literate and fast-paced narrative. While the film storyline concerns a rather familiar topic of Nazi saboteurs in America during World War II, it gives an all-new, promising twist to the whole intrigue. All Through the Night makes great use of scrupulously-filmed on-location scenes, giving the audiences many spectacular and rewarding sequences (i.e. speedy car chases on the streets of New York, or Central Park being in the center of a deadly gunfight between Americans and Germans).

A group of laid back Broadway gamblers - lead by the charismatic and always-elegant Humphrey Bogart - stumble onto an intriguing scheme, which starts off when a friendly baker turns up dead in his shop. Every clue brings them closer to danger, as they discover that the whole mystification might be connected to a deadly ring of enemy agents operating in the USA in order to gradually destroy the country right from its heart. Following a few deadly encounters, kidnappings, shoot-outs (and marvelously laughable situations) the boys finally realize what they've gotten themselves into. And in the third act it's Bogey's and William Demarest's (ingeniously called Sunshine) time to shine. Namely, they try to persuade - speaking gibberish for the great amusement of the audiences - a room filled with Nazis that they're actually Germans too.

With clever and and faultless dialogues, adequate comedic interludes, fascinating plot and most-ravishing ending All Through the Night aspires to be a sharp propaganda flick with a truly satisfying patriotic attitude.
June 24, 2012
Crazy spoof movie, starring Humphrey Bogart, in which he is part of underground world where he discovers an espionage ring related to World War II and headed by Conrad Veidt. This comes after two people are murdered, one of these which Bogart is framed for that occurs at a club. There is also a kidnapping a beautiful German woman (Kaaren Verne) that gets entangled in this web of crime. Quick moving, silly, and likable film that has a really interesting cast (other supporting characters include Judith Anderson, William Demehearst, Jane Darwell, and of course, Peter Lorre), that results in funny ending. Fairly amusing from start to finish.
May 9, 2012
Fast, Funny Blend of Spies & Tough Guys--Humphrey Bogart Swats the Swastika!!
March 30, 2012
bogart on the rise he did this after the maltese falcon'
October 22, 2011
Bogie vs the Fivers. Awesome & funny.
½ October 3, 2011
"The first one I tag, I'm gonna kick right in the swastika."Starchie (Jackie Gleason)

That's all I have to say about that.
Super Reviewer
½ July 28, 2011
This film was the bridge for Bogie between The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca and is quite an odd duck of a movie. An at times uneasy mixture of crime drama, nazi threat propaganda and comedy it is strongest in the comedy element with some of the great Warners stock company doing what they do best. You just can not beat these old films for amazing talent in even the tiniest roles. A slightly sharper focus could have made this a classic but even as is it is highly enjoyable.
June 30, 2011
I remember watching this on the late late show, before there was cable TV, and loving it. I'm happy to see that watching it again as an adult, it holds together as a quality film, good old-fashion entertainment.
½ May 18, 2011
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(1941) All Through The Night

Very relevent during it's time but extremely tame now starring Humphrey Bogart as leader of his cronies, Gloves becoming completely ligit, and then stumbling and clashing into a group of Nazi sypathizers!

As I have stated before, this film was very relevent during it's time of release if one were to consider the time this film was released theatrically in 1941 which was during WWII and the public needed to see escapism pictures and this was one of them, but doesn't hold up now, since they're way better ones to be seen, whether on tv or on film! Theirs some nice action scenes shown here like the open elevator gun fight except that it's not like that throughout the film!

2 out 4
April 30, 2011
Fantastic espionage comedy! Bogart is terrific! Racism alert: Bogart's black employee is overly subservient and dim witted. This is unfortunately typical in films from the era. Aside from this, the picture is a delight.
October 27, 2010
This is a really good Bogart film. I like how many of his movies have a comedic element to them, which he is able to play up quite well. I've heard this story compared to Casablanca, as it has many similarities to the classic. Peter Lorre is also in this one, and though he doesn't have much screen time, he makes his presence felt.
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