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Almost Heroes Quotes

  • Pratt: Bidwell? Bidwell! I fear the bear has killed Mr. Bidwell sir! He's failed to communicate with the me, by way of his ear...
    Leslie Edwards: It doesn't work that way, it doesn't work anyway! But even if it did, he couldn't talk through it!
    Pratt: Sh... Bigwell?
    Leslie Edwards: Nevermind.
    Bidwell: Help me!
    Leslie Edwards: Bidwell!
    Bidwell: Sir, sir. I've been to hell and back!
    Leslie Edwards: Yes, I can see that!
    Bidwell: I suspect that now you'll want to lead a hunting party, to slay that terrible beast!
    Leslie Edwards: Well, yes, that thought did cross my mind. Briefly. But now I have a better idea.
    Bidwell: Yes sir?
    Leslie Edwards: I shall fashion for you the finest wooden leg you have ever seen!
    Bidwell: Oh, but what about the bear?
    Leslie Edwards: Rest assured, Bidwell, in twenty years or so, the ravishes of old age will deal with the bear, far more cruelly than we ever could have.
    Guy Fontenot: Revenge is sweet sir!

  • Higgins: This particular event happened last summer on my uncle's farm in Virginia. My brother and I had just finished cutting a field of hay and were enjoying the evening meal under the shade of an elm tree. He went down for water by the creek and when he was gone, I took a bowl that was filled with delicious plum pudding and placed into it, not one, but two large pieces of sheep shit. When he returned I encouraged him to taste the plum pudding... And as sure as Im standing before you, he did! He ate it all. Shit Pudding!
    Leslie Edwards: You got your brother to eat sheep dung. That is a very interesting story.
    Bartholomew Hunt: Tell him the ending, that's the best part.
    Higgins: Oh yeah. To be perfectly honest with you sir, I have no brother. It was me. I ate sheep shit! Swear to God.
    Leslie Edwards: Clever twist there on the ending.

  • Bartholomew Hunt: i name this here fork pittsburge nelly the welshe whore who could do things with her 1 arm that would make you ferget about tht thing on her neck!
    Bartholomew Hunt: I name this here fork Pittsburgh Nelly the welshe whore who could do things with her one arm that would make you forget about that thing on her neck!

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