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½ May 10, 2014
The cheaper remake of "Home Alone"
February 10, 2011
I admit I had pretty high expectations for this movie and thankfully this movie came through and beat my expectations. The movie is over 10 years old so don't expect any big budget effects or Tom Cruise. What makes this movie shine is the character acting that is made me truly smile. I found it quite a riot at times! The plot pivots around the character of Justin Rodgers a precocious and adventurous youngster who ends up leaving a family vacation and ends up discovering some funny but unlawful characters in the process of kidnapping the daughter of a billionaire. We are introduced to Justin's family who you might describe as dysfunctional as the father seems more interested in football on television as opposed to family interaction. Kate is Justin's sister and like many sisters out there finds her brother an annoyance. The criminals Perry and Kurt are a true odd couple but lovable and campy. This movie portrays law enforcements as pretty ineffectual the cops Sarge and Lyle seem more interested in playing practical jokes on each other than solving crimes. The mysterious Tracker played by Jim Doughan is good comic relief as well as we see him make an ineffectual attempt at dating the kidnapped Chelsea who must be half his age! Only after quite a hubbub does the rescue succeed, but what is really touching is the ending in which the protagonists yearn for family togetherness, something that we we often lose sight of in our modern lifestyles. This movie is good for people considering starting families as there are some important underlying family issues that eventually lead the main characters into misadventures that they might have avoid if they had better interpersonal communications and dare I say family values. This movie would also be good for expectant mother as a lesson of what situations not to get involved in while a baby is in the prenatal period.
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