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September 25, 2020
What makes this series of films, based on James Patterson's novels, more effective than other run-of-the-mill thrillers is Morgan Freeman.
February 8, 2003
October 30, 2002
October 15, 2002
Director Lee Tamahori and screenwriter Marc Moss treat their star (and his character) with all due respect, and manage to turn out an engrossing, entertaining movie in the process.
September 26, 2002
Even at half speed, Freeman excels: He knows how to whip out his badge at a crime scene and make it seem as if he had been doing it his whole life.
September 25, 2002
A decent (if entirely unmemorable) followup to Kiss the Girls...
August 31, 2002
[Lee]Tamahori keeps the pacing lively enough that he doesn't allow the audience time to linger on the many plot implausibilities
November 27, 2001
May 26, 2001
The film is never less than a guilty pleasure, but it leaves you unsatisfied and hungry for closure.
May 7, 2001
In terms of plotting, it's hardly breaking new ground, but spare a thought nonetheless for Morgan Freeman.
May 6, 2001
Along Came a Spider is a popcorn flick, a modest and entertaining thriller.
April 30, 2001
It is Lee Tamahori's taut pacing -- not to mention Neil Travis' exceptional editing -- that gives the film its one-two punch.
April 30, 2001
certainly competent as a suspense thriller, but it never achieves any level beyond that
April 23, 2001
Freeman always gives good value and the result is never less than watchable.
April 21, 2001
Aside from Cross and Rose, none of the other characters in the film are very interesting.
April 15, 2001
As with a magic show, you know you are being fooled but you sit back and enjoy the illusion anyway.
April 9, 2001
There's deception, double-crosses and duplicity in this psycholgical thriler - and it's great to see an actor as classy as Morgan Freeman propelling a franchise like this.
April 8, 2001
...what surprised me, however is that ACAS knows about the [criminal mastermind] stereotype... and throws us a twist that turns the whole film on its head.
April 6, 2001
Delivers a good share of suspense, thrills and psychological goose bumps.
April 6, 2001
Taken at face value, the film is entertaining, exciting at times and fun to watch.
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