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March 28, 2014
In every every age...the forgotten weapon is food--The Great Cattle Robbery!!
½ January 4, 2014
The kind of shoot 'em up Civil War flick that Hollywood did so very well, with a slick tongue in cheek script, plenty of star power, glorious technicolor, and a real cattle stampede (although How the West Was Won had the best stampede scene, but that was buffalo). They don't make movies like this anymore.
February 2, 2012
Alvarez Kelly is an incredible film. It is about a Mexican cattleman who has little interest in the Civil War except to make money. William Holden and Richard Widmark give excellent performances. The script is well written. Edward Dmytryk did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this movie because of the drama. Alvarez Kelly is a must see.
½ June 8, 2011
"Alvarez Kelly" es una cinta del oeste que incluye a dos grandes actores: William Holden y Richard Widmark. Si no fuera por ellos, el ritmo a paso de tortuga y las escenas romanticas sin logica haria a "lvarez Kelly" inaguantable. Curiosamente, Holden vuelve a enfrentarse a un puente a punto de explotar como lo hiciera en el clasico de guerra "Bridge On The River Kwai".
April 23, 2011
Gargantuanly clever dialogues. Holden's character's lines are witty, enourmously sarcastic and really, really, funny. For those expecting a classic war movie or a hardened romance, is an utter disappointment. For the ones expecting being told an epic story with a delightful rascal for main character, this is the right movie.
½ April 2, 2011
Decent but forgettable film about cattle herding during war time. The plot itself is no great thing, but two greats like Holden and Widmark makes this film an entertaining yet simple flick.
½ September 12, 2010
August 11, 2008
hard to put this one in a category but good
May 9, 2008
not the best western ever but surely an worth watching one. Widmark and Holden gave a good prestation. Set during the civil war, how confederates tried to steal food from the unionists.
April 18, 2008
Pretty boring up until near the end which is surprising since it's got two actors (William Holden and Richard Widmark) I enjoy quite a bit.
April 9, 2008
Up on the roof is a lonely tin man! Bore him to death awkard mustard.
March 26, 2008
Lightweight Western / Civil War movie. Holden plays the maverick and Widmark plays his usual tough type, with a noble heart. Nothing you haven't seen before but enjoyable nevertheless.
March 22, 2008
A bit of a war movie, a bit of a western, it doesn't suffer too much from it's lack of identity and is a pleasant watch with two capable stars.
November 2, 2007
Classified as a classic = Interested.
½ September 23, 2007
A lot of fun, and a rip roaring Civil War yarn.
August 21, 2007
i would like to see this one..
June 6, 2007
Though not THE best in western adventure (especially since it's set in Virginia), it's definitely worth watching. William Holden and Richard Widmark make good pals as Confederate cowboys seeking to feed Hungry Confederate troops.
December 10, 2006
i didnt really like this one at all
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