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½ June 26, 2009
I saw this dubbed in Spanish a long time ago, just this instant I've found out what the title is called. It was killing me.

It's very memorable, obviously, if I remember a lot of the scenes - it's also funny, unique and entertaining. I'll have to watch it again to confirm this.

Basically about a woman that notices there's an alien in a restaurant (The alien is wearing too many clothes in the summer), and they befriend each other, and Amanda noticing that the alien can change genders when it shape shifts, takes advantage of this by having sex with it.

And they eat apples after sex, I think. Or that's what my mind was thinking back then - I didn't know what I was watching, and I was far too young to understand any of its sexual themes.

Probably one of those made-for-TV movies worthy of a rent.
½ December 16, 2008
I watched it because the description included the term "alien sociologist." Bad, but not really bad enough to be good. Seeing Michael Dorn in any role is weird. This feels like it was supposed to be something trashier than it was.
November 7, 2008
I enjoyed this more than I should have, I think. B level movie. Sex, a people-consuming alien, several actors who actually can act, idiotic script, interspecies love, planet in jeopardy, run from the hunters, Worf without the Klingon look, Stacy Keach, Nicole Eggert. Has some surprises in it and some good humor.
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