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½ July 18, 2012
I would buy Don "No Soul" Simmons albums...if they existed.
June 11, 2012
One of the craziest movies ever, and one of the funniest.
May 16, 2012
One of my fave's. A 1950's sci-fi spoof interspersed with all kinds of wacky infomercials and comedy sketches.
½ April 15, 2012
Very funny at times. The film is a collection of short clips.
April 5, 2012
Consistently good performances from a talented cast that seem to be enjoying the material, but only a small number of skits hit the mark.
March 6, 2012
It's uneven, as anthologies usually are, but the jokes manage to hit more than they miss, and the directors satire programmes that most of us are familiar with, which helps a lot. It's an interesting and entertaining look at a world where so much happens but so little are immersed in it, and the recurring segment joke about the Amazon women on the moon, and the promise of "no commericials", is very funny, no matter how many times you rewatch it. It's like an extended slapstick comedy, with some added intellectual jokes, which means that you'll probably enjoy it more as a guilty pleasure than anything else - but that's just fine.
March 5, 2012
Even more wildly hit and miss than the kentucky fried movie and no were near as enjoyably rude and outrageous, this is never the less a fun little collection of scetches, fake adverts and movies, made to give the effect of flicking through dozens of diffrent t.v channels at late night, trying to find something to watch, problem is you want to change some over yourself, as a suprising amount are pretty undercooked and almost totally devoid of laughs, this isnt nearly as much anarchic fun as it should be, in fact there are hardly any real standouts, except possibly "the bullshit or not"? segments which spoof truth or fiction sort of shows, the best of which reveals that the loch ness monster was in fact also jack the ripper, these kind of mad touches dont come often enough, but taken as a whole made up of parts, there's plenty of silliness, rude jokes, tits, randomness and celebrity cameos and early appearances (steve guttenberg, michelle phiffer, carrie fischer, joe pantoliano, kelly preston to name but a few) to enjoy here.
December 7, 2011
A very different movie experience. I love how they spoofed and paid homage to old classics at the same time.
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½ October 9, 2011
Fitfully funny comedy hodgepodge from a handful of veteran directors. Most skits lose steam quickly, best ones include Arsenio Hall having an accident-prone afternoon in his apartment, Ed Begley Jr. who thinks he's developed an invisibility serum, and Monique Gabrielle profiled during an ordinary day with a Pethouse Pet. Yow!
½ September 20, 2011
Though not as uproariously funny as The Kentucky Fried Movie, this sketch comedy movie has plenty of great bits. Tons of awesome cameos and very quotable gags. And it has 3 of the very rare minutes of Arsenio Hall's career where you might mistake him for a funny person.
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½ September 16, 2011
Sometimes very silly and not so funny, but with a interesting entertaining, just like the cast, Amazon Women on the Moon, have a kind of charm bring a few comic actings, just like the sketch of Arsenio Hall. Fresh.
July 19, 2011
A very funny comedy from back in the day.
July 13, 2011
½ May 31, 2011
It's not great but there is still plenty to enjoy.
May 31, 2011
A collection of scits that spoof tv programs. Steve Allen does a good job hosting a roast style funeral. Fairly dull for the most part although those who stick around to the end do get a nice payoff with a Corinne Alphen appearance.
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February 20, 2011
As much as I like Joe Dante, I can only like a few of the jokes in his sketches; the work of the other guys is even worse. Landis' sketch with Arsenio seems to want to take black upward mobility down a notch with a couple old stereotypes. Ed Begley, Rosanna Arquette, Carrie Fisher and Andrew Dice Clay don't come off bad.
February 10, 2011
Amazon Women on the Moon works like an episode of Saturday Night Live: some sketches are funny, some are not, some are creative, and some are bats*** idiotic. For the most part, this movie had enough hit sketches than misses to recommend it, especially if you like Kentucky Fried Movie or any parody movie. It's got plenty of talent behind the camera, like Joe Dante and John Landis. I sketches I really thought were funny were the black people born with no soul, when the critics reviewed a man's life, and the video store. As a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, I admired the Amazon Women portions and the film didn't overstay its welcome. I guess the negatives I have for the movie is that some of the sketches are either not funny or go on for too long. But Amazon Women on the Moon is entertaining enough for a viewing.
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½ February 2, 2011
If you liked The Kentucky Fried Movie, you'll love Amazon Women on the Moon! This spoof movie is hilarious, outrageous, timely, and full of interesting film people to look for too. I love this movie, it's one of my favourite spoof films, and I highly recommend it.
½ December 30, 2010
The best thing about this movie is the recurring segment within the film starring Steve Forrest, who as Capt. Nelson, leads the first expedition to the moon. It is an absolutely dead-on spoof of '50s B-grade sci-fi space movies. Joey Travolta as crew member "Butch" is perfectly hokey. Overall, this film is a bunch of short comedic skits and it is pretty creative how the stories are strung together. It's not a laugh a minute, side-splitting movie, but it does have its moments.
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