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December 1, 2015
my favourite movie ever can't express enough love towards this film. it's like modern fairy tale to me
November 28, 2015
A bit too long for my liking, But Audrey Tautou is very charming as the titular character and the movie features lots of good, quirky humor.
November 25, 2015
Great if you like boring.
November 19, 2015
What a way to celebrate the French!
November 14, 2015
A very entertaining movie with a great cast and artistic flow
½ October 10, 2015
Points for originality and vision. It's always enjoyable to watch a movie where tortured souls and pain aren't an everyday occurrence, and the worst a person can be is very shy.
Robert B.
Super Reviewer
September 27, 2015
Amelie is a film romantics and dreamers can love. It gives the sense that life can be something more throughout the film and here the plot, the effects, the music, and the vibe go great together. Amelie is a peculiar film, very French, and I cannot think of anything that was missing from it; heartily recommended.
September 23, 2015
Beautifully weird! The red green color grading, crazy pans, and distorted angles help tell a romantically odd comedic story. It was awesome!
John K.
Super Reviewer
½ September 14, 2015
The best way I could describe this movie is "a Wes Anderson movie not written or directed by Wes Anderson" it's colorful background and quirky humor really bring you inside the mind of Amelie and it's a wonderful ride to be on.
½ September 8, 2015
Always wanted to see this, and i was blown away as to how good this movie truly is.
September 4, 2015
Despite the good acting, wonderful direction, and beautiful photography, I don't think many men will like this movie. It is whimsical, but neither me or my girlfriend laughed once. I give it 3 out of 5 stars because it was a good movie in many ways, and I believe a lot of people would like it.
½ August 31, 2015
Fucking love this movie. Too sweet for its own good. I need to get it on DVD.
August 30, 2015
I forgot how much I love this movie.
August 28, 2015
Truly charming, cute and creative work. Maybe it tries to be too cute? Maybe it drags a bit in parts? Nonetheless, quite an achievement. And with a great soundtrack - which adds value to any film.
August 23, 2015
Whimsical and romantic - so glad I finally sat down and watched this (thanks, Netflix!)
August 17, 2015
Amelie as it is titled is truly a feel good film. Unlike most stupid Hollywood Rom Coms we see today, Amelie shares true general emotions with the audience that makes it worth watching. It is Funny at times and Offend beautiful. When I first seen, it made feel like everything in the world that bothered me was gone. I could not believe that a film as simple as Amelie could just change on how someone feels in life. And I will never ever doubt the wonderful atmosphere that is hiding in this French Romantic Comedy.
½ August 11, 2015
Like almost every other person on the planet, I loved Jean-Pierre Jeunet's odd and surrealistic take on life and love through the thoughts and eyes of Audrey Tautou' Amelie. The film is innovative, creative and hopelessly endearingly eccentrically romantic. Paris becomes a digitally-enhanced vision. A family garden gnome becomes a symbol of the human need for life and adventure. And even though the object of Amelie's affections would translate to sociopathic in the "real world" we have fun as the ever-creatively loopy character snares her man.

Also like most, I quickly tired of hearing/reading/seeing this movie everywhere went. Jeunet's Amelie quickly became a victim of it's own marketing campaign. What seemed "original" quickly became "twee" and "contrite."

Time has actually been kind to this odd romantic movie. Enough of it has passed to allow me to view it again as the playful film it is. This film is actually close to perfect despite itself.
½ July 31, 2015
Amà (C)lie is a lively, charming, and heartfelt story that's beautifully crafted as well as delightfully funny!
July 24, 2015
A review by Mr. Anarchy
Movie Review #2
Amelie is one of my favorite movies actually. Just throwing that out there right now. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie the first time I watched it and I really liked it even on the second time. (I try to not watch my favorite movies too many times otherwise they'll stop being fun to watch.) The thing I like most about this movie is the attention and depth that they gave to each and every character in this movie and every actor/actress embodies their characters perfectly and they made their characters come to life in fantastic ways. And sometimes those characters manage to steal the show. But the main character Amelie wasn't ignored.
This is actually one of the first foreign films that I've ever seen. When I watch a foreign movie that someone suggests almost always I think that the movie is going to be a super dramatic and extremely sad story, but this was not the case in Amelie. Amelie doesn't really have much story to it. But what it does have is about Amelie who grew up with a childhood that was rather sad and yet she's not really bitter about it and thankfully the people who made this movie knew that this movie wouldn't work with someone who was a bitter main character. There were no fights, no heavy-handed ways of dealing with mean people, in fact I liked that this movie was so innocent in a lot of ways (despite the nudity) even in the scenes when Amelie was dealing with certain people she found distasteful or rude. In some ways this movie doesn't want us to be angry it wants us to just laugh and be lighthearted and not to go out and seek revenge, but to mess with the enemy in a way that isn't harmful but is just to play pranks and to just laugh that they fell for it.
The music of this movie is beautiful and I describe it as a joyful sorrow every time I hear it. Those are my favorite kinds of songs. They didn't use many special effects yet when they did the special effects were used sparingly and at just the right moments and even those hold up to this day. Everything about the movie is as creative as it is charming. Amelie came out about 13 years ago and it still holds up very well to this day. It's extremely charming and it's hard to find movies like this and I wish they would make more.
July 22, 2015
Quirky but entertaining.
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