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March 19, 2011
love these commandos
½ December 19, 2005
Since nothing of interest was on TV Sat., I tossed in a video of American Commando's I had gotten at a garage sale. It promised Chris Mitchum (son of Robert) and lots of action at home and overseas. I can watch guns and action and be quite entertained. I should have watched Saturday Night Live. This movie is so bad even the description of the movie is wrong! It's supposed to be about a man back from Vietnam whose wife and son are killed by drug crazed gang bangers. Well, that sort of happens. But, to watch this movie, you have to completely suspend logic and common sense. After robbing Chris at the convenience store, he runs after their car with his hidden pistol. After driving for some time, the leader says, "Lets get that guy", whereupon he tells everyone to get out while he drives back to kill Chris. Why make them get out? So, he sees Chris still running after the car and heads to run him over. Well, Chris shoots him and somehow makes the car flip over. In revenge, the gang goes to Chris's house and rapes the wife (a good trick as the movie shows the bad guy standing and raping the wife while later she is shown as tied to the bedposts at the front of the bed. Seeing as she wasn't 7 foot tall, it seems a physical impossibility but you get the idea. Well, to make matters a bit shorter, I was a bit startled when the same scened was played out, about 2 minutes worth, that had just been shown in the movie. Filler? Or an error in making copies. Somehow Chris is given the responsibility for wiping out the Golden Triangle where all the drugs come from. I'm just not sure of the connection between a small time gang and the leaders of the Golden Triangle but since it sends him back to Vietnam, I guess that works. Chris and his old Vietnam crew clean out the bad guys, who, instead of looking Vietnames, look more Hispanic, although they wear black pajamas and sandals. All in all, you would be better off reading the classifieds than spending 90 minutes of your life watching this horrible, horrible movie. The KansasRedBaron
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