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½ March 4, 2013
nice time watch
December 14, 2012
It's got Aladdin in it how could it be bad
September 8, 2012
So friggin funny!!!!!
January 22, 2012
Poor acting and composition...good example of what you shouldn't do when making a movie.
½ December 1, 2010
One of the first Indian American movies to come out. Pretty enjoyable.
August 6, 2010
this is super cool... Not a complex storyline but it will make u laugh ur bottom off!!! :D
½ June 28, 2010
This movie is just too good...cant count the times I have seen it...need some more of this stuff....
November 19, 2009
I remeber this movie, It was a gud movie and it was really funny!
May 25, 2009
I remembered this being mentioned and joked about when I was younger. So I finally watched it years later. Not really funny.
March 31, 2009
very good, i really liked it ^_^
February 23, 2009
i suppose I'd give it a try
January 18, 2009
This is an awesome movie...I remember watching it when I was driving by the local movie theater and the name intrigued me...Classic fillum of a great story about one recognizing and embracing his roots...This movie is filled with hilarious and unforgettable moments by all the main cast...I could possibly recite the entire movie while watching it, and it's been almost 9 years since it's release!!!...This is definitely a movie for everyone to watch to learn something about themselves or another culture...
½ November 17, 2008
Think of cliche from a romantic comedy. Go ahead, think one one now. Got one? Good. Whatever it is, I guarantee it's in American Desi. This film trows every cliche in the book, and then the book, at the audience. The film's intentions are good: How do second generation emigrants negotiate their identity? How does one reconcile heritage and a new culture? Surely there's a good film to be made with this in mind (East is East was quite good).

Aside from American Desi's shallowness, contrived and cliche-ridden plot, it's simply poorly constructed. Bad framing, poor editing, awful acting (for the most part). A decent soundtrack, though. Also, who showers in the dark?
November 15, 2008
O my gah. I thought this film was made in the early 90's... 2001? WHAT?
½ October 31, 2008
I thought I rated this already. Well, here goes...
I saw this film like at least 12 times when it was all hyped about. It was just too good and hilarious!
August 15, 2008
just loved this movie...
July 10, 2008
this is a really good movie!
June 8, 2008
Not at all interested
June 4, 2008
We had to watch it in 10 parts via YouTube. Yes, this is an Indi(an) Film but it translates into most Asian cultures (mine being Korean). It is hilarious and so freakin' true :)
April 12, 2008
Massively offensive ..
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