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July 17, 2013
This movie really shows pepole that guns are very serious buisness.
½ June 26, 2013
Slow paced, but it does give a strong - if not divided message @ the end.
½ August 6, 2012
This film is just another pathetic attempt to demonize guns and portray gun ownership as some sort of dark cloud in peoples lives. Not even a nice try. What would be nice is if a film was produced showing the truth of the many lives that are saved everyday by people who are concealled carry holders who are still alive because murderers, robbers, rapists and home invaders were stopped before their devious plans could be carried out. Or how about a film that goes along with actual national statistics that indicate when people have to wait for police to arrive during a shooting rampage an average of 14.3 people are killed compared with 2.3 deaths when the rampage is stopped by armed citizens. Another interesting docudrama would be to show the devestating effects of Autralia's nationwide ban on guns and how its citizens are now helpless victims as armed robbery is up 68%, armed assaults are up 28%, home invastions are up 21% and so on. I think those who are brave enough to tell the truth would be surprised at the response and the support that they would receive from producing a high quality film on these topics I just mentioned, which would be in complete contrast to this film which drags on with useless, misleading content.
April 5, 2012
amanda seyfried plays mouse in in this film
March 21, 2012
Solid performances from Whitaker, Gay Harden, and Goldwyn make this story about the consequences of gun violence worth a watch.
February 28, 2012
Sarcastic movie to American nation (and it's hurtfully true!)
½ January 30, 2012
Es innegable que las historias son interesantes y emotivas, así como que tocan una temática muy propia de nuestro tiempo con la crudeza que lo amerita, pero es justo la excesiva variedad de historias lo que termina convirtiendo la cinta en un amasigo de subtramas que no termina de ser coherente. Algunas historias no calzan del todo salvo por detalles muy nimios que las relacionan temáticamente con las demás, por lo que generan la sensación de que son totalmente innecesarias, lo que se confirma con los desenlaces abruptos y simplones en que desembocan. Las dos historias principales adolecen también de finales abruptos y malogrados, fundamentalmente porque el de una es demasiado benevolente y el de la otra es más bien demasiado cruento.
December 28, 2011
American Gun has an excellent cast and I really enjoyed the stories. Whitaker is one of the best actors out there.
½ December 24, 2011
Sobering indictment on the violence in modern society .pieced together is various story line. Stellar performances by a great cast
October 2, 2011
It seemed like it had a good message to send, but there was too many loose ends.
½ September 18, 2011
Although not very original in that it seems like since 2004 there has been a rash of films with intertwining and connected story lines (11:14, The Air I Breathe, Normal). This doesn't prop itself above those by any means but for the shear fact that the stories to connect and they are centered around fire arms makes for an entertaining watch. Having Forest Whitaker can't hurt none either. This isn't a bullseye but it still hits the mark.
½ August 18, 2011
Self-important and preachy high-drama (sooo scripted, staged and acted) that makes me wish I had myself a gun ... so I could use it on myself. Wretched -- and actually beyond so -- as it wants one to think "this is the most important piece of cinema I will ever watch in my lifetime!" The only thing "deep" about American Gun is the pile of crap an audience would find themselves sitting in while watching it. This is a Crash-wannabe that fails, fails, fails ...
May 3, 2011
Basically, this movie was CRASH...only much less interesting, and with no real point to make.
August 26, 2010
Not a bad story. The actors are some of my favorites so I have nothing but good to say about their performances. The direction could have been better and frankly it seems like the the movie is burdened with a "message". Could have been better if the "guns are bad" message had been removed.
July 15, 2010
Despite its flaws...I lovesss my guns! So this bleeding heart tale did nothing for me. LORD OF WAR, now that's a anti-gun flick!
December 24, 2009
Pretty damn depressing.
½ July 14, 2009
Really made me think about American life styles.
May 1, 2009
Hey let's all quit our familes, lock up all the hormonally challenged teenagers, mothball the metal detectors and then close all the schools and run for the hills. But first, be sure to stop off at Grandpa Sutherland's gun store and buy him out lock, stock and barrel. Unsheave your Bowie knife and slice off a piece of pre-Obama America and this is the film one might get, that's if you're a hopeless citizen who refuses to take any responsibility for the country's slide into darkness. Stand out: Tony Goldwyn's tortured character.
½ April 25, 2009
I thought it gave thoughtful consideration to the different views of guns. The ending only left me wondering.....
½ March 12, 2009
Tries to be for guns what crash was for racism. There are some story lines with a lot of potential, especially the one that follows the family of a boy who shot up the school but others really fizzle.
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