Dec 7, 2006
... an enjoyable if incomplete nostalgia trip.
Nov 17, 2006
Crammed with grainy, shot-on-the-fly mid-Eighties video footage, recent interviews, and a genuine love for its subject, American Hardcore encapsulates a largely forgotten moment in maximum rock & roll history.
Nov 10, 2006
American Hardcore, Paul Rachman's impressively thorough documentary, tells of the second-generation punk rockers who learned from the Sex Pistols and Ramones and then did their DIY thing.
Nov 10, 2006
American Hardcore gets what most music lovers could not at the time: Sometimes, that noise in your head and that anger in your heart just has to get out, and there's always a guitar around somewhere.
Nov 3, 2006
Instead of an insightful look at disaffected youths finding an outlet for angry energy in rock rages, American Hardcore is a slanted history lesson coming solely from its subjects.
Nov 3, 2006
What's irritating about the movie is how much time it spends on empty nostalgia -- shouldn't real punks scorn reminiscing? -- and how little time it spends truly exploring the roots of America's punk prime in the early 1980s.
Oct 30, 2006
Leaves little doubt that this truly was one of the wildest eras in rock.
Oct 20, 2006
An energetic and grandly entertaining tribute to a short-lived period of early-'80s punk rock.
Oct 19, 2006
A valuable chronicle of a brief and snarling musical movement.
Oct 19, 2006
Exhaustive and at turns exhausting, American Hardcore explores 1980s punk subculture with the frenetic energy of mile-a-minute mosh-pit music, sealed with a fist.
Oct 13, 2006
A reverential but knowledgeable documentary about an aggressive offshoot of punk that flourished on the Left Coast from 1980-86, with outposts in such far-flung locales as Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago and Austin, Tex.
Oct 13, 2006
There's a lot of interesting material here, but Rachman doesn't offer any real analysis of his own, and the film suffers from a lack of narrative focus.
Oct 13, 2006
The film's a pretty good scrapbook ... and it evinces a healthy cranky-old-man disgust with the mega-platinum punk acts of today.
Sep 29, 2006
American Hardcore is a raucous, relevant documentary, capturing the mood of the times and the participants' best anecdotes.
Sep 28, 2006
The documentary is an enlightening journey to a dark corner of contemporary punk's dank little basement.
Sep 27, 2006
American Hardcore is illuminating nostalgia, stuffed with all the right tattooed talking heads (like Black Flag's Henry Rollins), plus grim-looking concert footage of wailing skinny guys.
Sep 22, 2006
If it all goes by too fast, and leaves you with a headache when it's done -- well, wasn't that the point all along?
Sep 22, 2006
Inspired by a book by Steven Blush, Rachman deftly sketches the hardcore scene in a dozen cities and chronicles the growing violence that signaled its demise.
Sep 22, 2006
The resourceful film will stir up a mosh pit of appreciation among aficionados while providing an intriguing, if not always compelling, overview for those less acquainted with the music.
Sep 21, 2006
Based on the 2001 book by Steven Blush, Paul Rachman's raw and riveting documentary traces the rise of of hardcore punk through Los Angeles, Boston, D.C. and the Big Apple.