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December 11, 2015
A Dorff sideshow first and foremost, "American Hero" is far too casual with Melvin's character arc, and the appeal of superhuman abilities.
December 10, 2015
Writer-director Nick Love brings an enticingly quirky sensibility to the kaleidoscopic action, infusing his offbeat tale with raucous charm and a big, sloppy heart.
December 10, 2015
"American Hero" starts off seeming as if it is going to be a fresh take on superheroes, but Nick Love, who wrote and directed, turns out to have nowhere to go with his intriguing premise.
December 8, 2015
The filmmakers blend tones like a child mixing fountain drinks into one unidentifiable flavor.
July 3, 2017
The metaphor of superpowers equalling sober potential is good, but the careless development would barely fill a ten-minute short, making American Hero something of a slog.
July 11, 2016
American Hero is a decent idea, but is let down by sloppy execution and meandering plot.
December 10, 2015
This drama about a deadbeat father trying to straighten up for his young son takes an unusual and not particularly convincing turn when it's revealed that dad has a superpower.
December 10, 2015
Love submits a crude, confused tale of soulful awakening with "American Hero," habitually unsure what to do with the characters or even how to tell the story, leaving Dorff to do all the heavy lifting as the endeavor spins out of control.
December 9, 2015
We don't need another hero, right? American Hero begs to differ.
December 2, 2015
A likeable if lightweight indie dramedy about a messed-up New Orleans superhero and his cranky, wheelchair-bound best friend.
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