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September 18, 2014
Documentary which follows a young director trying to put a horror film together.
½ September 10, 2014
Despite some pacing issues, and one of the most annoying people ever chronicled in documentary film, American Movie is often funny and surprisingly fascinating. A compelling watch for any big dreamer.
½ September 9, 2014
If Anvil is the real life spinal tap, then I guess this is the no budget movie making version - and it's a corker. Sad, hilarious, deranged... So funny - even if those in front of the camera have no idea just how funny they're being. Just brilliant.
September 9, 2014
A hilarious documentary centred around a dreamers attempt to make it big in the film industry and the varied characters he drags along in his quest.
½ August 25, 2014
It takes you right through the indie-film-making-world. Hilarious during some moments, and really interesting from the begining,
August 25, 2014
Still my favourite documentary.
August 25, 2014
Goes to show that you need belief (and not neccessarily talent) to make your dreams come true - and after all the bullheadedry, it's hard not to warm to these guys
August 24, 2014
At times it is hard to shake the feeling that these people are being exploited. Like, all over the place. Uncle Bill is getting money taken from him by Mark that is not really going to the most worthwhile pursuit, all the while we the audience point and laugh at these not-quite-high functioning alcoholics. But you know what? They signed the waivers so screw 'em.
½ August 14, 2014
Hilarious documentary that showcases real passion and a wonderful message.
July 23, 2014
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

(1999) American Movie

This is my second or third viewing of optimistic horror filmmaker Mark Borchardt with documentary filmmaker, Chris Smith documents some of Mark's tribulations regarding directing low budget horror films who was inspired by the likes of Tobe Hooper of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" fame and George A Romero of "Night Of The Living Dead" and Dawn Of the Dead. Putting a lot of time and money into a movie called "Coven" as well as using family and friends. The most engaging character is Mark's uncle, Bill Borchardt.

3 out of 4 stars
June 12, 2014
Is that what you wanna do with your life? Suck down peppermint schnapps and try to call Morocco at two in the morning? That's senseless!
June 9, 2014
Very slow moving but very funny and kind of gripping. Although this is a documentary and you know they aren't, you can't help but wonder if the best showcased are characters. Haha.
March 28, 2014
Funny, entertaining and inspiring to aspiring film makers.
February 19, 2014
Anyone who wants to pursue a career in film should watch this movie. Mark Borchardt's passion and enthusiasm is very inspiring and reminds everyone that big budgets, fancy visuals, and famous actors do not make a film, but it's all about getting out there with a camera and creating something with everything you've got. I can't help but feel bad because Mark wants this so much more than most other people yet he hasn't made it to the big time, but he keeps on going, not giving up that dream and that's what makes this such a beautiful film.
½ November 3, 2013
A funny, touching, and tragic tale of an alcoholic film maker trying to live out the, "American Dream," a very honest and sincere film, great stuff
October 22, 2013
Mark Borchardt embodies the indie filmmaker all of us -- myself included -- want to be. Chris Smith's filmmaking communicates a lighter aura around the Wisconsin town where Borchardt lives and makes his films.

I want to get "Coven" now -- I heard the VHS sells online for ten dollars.
October 19, 2013
Raw, real, funny, sad, and absolutely compelling documentary about a poor, lower-class, fairly intelligent and highly creative, American dude who is absolutely driven to achieve the American dream through film making. An expertly crafted documentary that seems to weave in a number of social issues just by letting the subject and his friends and family speak for themselves as he tries to get a film completed, only so he can make enough money off it's DVD sales in order to start the more important film he really wants to be making at this point in his life. Fascinating stuff.
½ August 19, 2013
A truly inspiring movie.
August 6, 2013
One of the most entertaining documentaries ever.
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