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October 2, 2017
Lisää pökkelömäistä toimintaa ja kalkkunaninjoja.
½ March 3, 2017
Purely photogenic action picture with guys in blazingly obvious Martial Arts retail Ninja outfits fighting endlessly with athletic, sexy Michael Dudikoff. The film suffers frequently from poor editing which shows the seams on the films multitude of stunt scenes, something that could have been fixed in later decades with close editing and retiming of clips. Audio sounds like bad late 80's advertising muzak and the principle cast cannot act. Good movie though! A lot of effort, training and rehearsal went into this film.
September 11, 2016
9/4/2016: Pretty bad. A sequel was was not needed at all and this movie proved the point. The plot was horrible and the acting wasn't much better. The martial arts were ok at best.
½ September 1, 2016
Both Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) and Curtis Jackson (Steve James) are back for another action packed movie, but this time they're trying to figure out why several Marine guards have gone MIA from their posts.

This movie seems to be as good as the original American Ninja (1985) movie. Both Joe Armstrong and Curtis "Action" Jackson continue to make a great pair in these films.

There's several sequels to this film. American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)- this film doesn't feature Michael Dudikoff. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990), which does feature Michael Dudikoff. The final film in the collection is American Ninja 5 (1993), which again, doesn't feature Michael Dudikoff. This film doesn't seem to follow the story from the previous four films.
½ May 30, 2016
"That damn American Ninja. He fights like a tiger!" And that pretty much sums up this Golan-Globus Canon Group ninja picture. Michael Dudikoff plays the titular American Ninja and with with help of Steve James takes down an East Asian drug cartel. After watching two Cheh Chang films yesterday and also a Bruce Lee film, I was really surprised how sloppy the martial arts sequences were in this film. I wasn't necessarily expecting Yuen Woo Ping, but maybe something at least as decent as other Canon Pictures ninja films. Shô Kosugi has some respectable martial arts skills in Canon's earlier ninja pictures, but the fights here just seem thrown together without much thought. I'm not sure I'd blame Dudikoff, but he really doesn't look very good here. However, I would say this film does have so-bad-it's-good ironic entertainment value, which was enough to hold my interest.
½ September 25, 2015
Let's keep in mind that a sequel to a movie like American Ninja, a fairly enjoyable action movie for low-budget 80's standards, didn't have a lot to live up to in order to be just as passable. Yet despite the same leads actors in place and Firstenberg directing again, this one manages to be lackluster. I've made it clear that these aren't good films and hardly worth discussing in depth considering their motive for action is what is key to their existence, but I can at least give the first film kudos for having a decent arc around main character Joe Armstrong, being a strong fighting force with a mysterious background who has to earn his respect with other allies and who's story unfolds. It's not much, but it gives us a motivation to be at least half invested in him and the action scenarios he's put through. American Ninja 2 can't even give us a half-decent plot or motivation, the movie finds that it has little to do with using Joe's character effectively, and is reduced to a bland action hero with some good moves. The plot feels lackluster, the dialogue ham-fisted and silly, music score tonally unfitting on a few occasions, lazy antagonists, and makes little attempt for us to care for a story that moves along very predictably. Honestly the only thing that salvaged parts of this movie was Steve James returning as Joe's buddy Curtis Jackson, cause he clearly had fun playing his part as he goes nuts on kicking ass and throwing amusing dialogue, he truly lent energy to his role and came off as a more enjoyable action heroine. In the end though, a bad film is a bad film. If you liked the first, there's some fair action moments and Steve James having a blast in his role, but nothing else redeeming.
June 3, 2015
It has all the ridiculousness you expect for this kind of movie, and I felt like I was watching early 90s USA channel stuff again, but the fights were so slow and choreographed. It wasn't even exciting or impressive. There is a pretty fun action sequence in the middle of the movie with a ninja being dragged by a truck, but other than that the lead is a corpse and the movie is forgettable.
½ May 25, 2015
Director Sam Firstenberg returns with actor Michael Dudikoff for more b-movie action. On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist & mass-produced an army of mutant ninja warriors. The plot seems more ridiculous this time, but the action slows down slightly more until the last 20-30 minuets just like all the bigger budgeted action films were doing at the time. This means the plot is more detailed and it has a nice steady pace. Sadly the script & performances haven't improved.
April 29, 2015
One star for the few nuggets of comedy gold it holds.
September 28, 2014
Inexplicablemente, la estúpida cinta "American Ninja" tuvo cuatro secuelas. La segunda parte es igual de imbécil que la primera. Y ahora sin un solo actor decente (John Fujioka ya no sale), no hay redención.
September 28, 2014
Inexplicablemente, la estúpida cinta "American Ninja" tuvo cuatro secuelas. La segunda parte es igual de imbécil que la primera. Y ahora sin un solo actor decente (John Fujioka ya no sale), no hay redención.
½ April 8, 2014
These type of movies were made in Hollywood - phew !
½ December 31, 2013
ok chop sokky actioner
½ December 27, 2013
A pretty bland action movie that's really only memorable for having some of the most inept ninjas in film history. A tip for the bad guy ninjas in this film ... those full body black suits really only act as stealth costumes at night. People can see you quite well if you walk on the beach in broad daylight. Dudikoff is his usual bland self, and I can't remember much of anything about the villain. Steve James is ... as always ... totally awesome. This movie features the worst use of a double that I have ever seen.
December 26, 2013
On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist and mass-produced an army of mutant Ninja warriors.

also stars Steve James, Larry Poindexter, Gary Conway, Jeff Weston, Michelle Botes, Mike Stone, Len Sparrowhawk and Jonathan Pienaar.

directed by Sam Firstenberg.
½ December 22, 2013
Dynamic duo of Dudikoff and James together again with high stakes on the line to battle a drug lord in remote Caribbean island manufacturing an army of genetically engineered super ninjas. Another high kill count but a stretch on credibility. Likely a disappointment for fans of the original.
November 6, 2013
I love me some Dudikoff, even with his terribly dry and suspect acting skills, but to be downright honest it is Steve James that steals this sequel to the classic original. What made the original so likable is completely missing in this outing as American Ninja 2 tries to hard to appease the mainstream audience instead of accepting it's limited cult appeal. The great soundtrack is missing and replaced with generic urban beats which ostracizes the fans of the series more than it helps gather in new fans. American Ninja 2 isn't very good and rather insulting if you are a fan of the original but it still is watchable.
May 26, 2013
More enjoyable than the first, but still pretty dumb. Why do I give it 4 stars? Because I can.
Super Reviewer
December 27, 2012
Dudikoff returns with a sequel that bears little resemblance to the original. The beach scene was humorous which takes any seriousness away from a film that is so bent on seriousness. The overall scientific plot is absurd and the kidnapping of soldiers is laughable.
The film doesn't quite have the energy to keep the plot line moving and the acting hasn't improved. The series continues a downward spiral from here which is a shame because as kids we all loved the series.
I had to track this series down which I'm sadly beginning to regret. Cannon really didn't make a lot of great films but at least they made films for the audience.
November 19, 2012
daft dumb and ridiculous but I love it!
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