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January 18, 2015
He sees with the eye of the mind.

An American reporter who is a trained samurai and martial arts expert enters a fighting tournament to report/exposed an underground mafia. The tournament also includes his lifelong foe and adopted brother. His brother is the tournament's most likely winner. The tournament will obviously battle down through intense fights until an eventual brother showdown in the finale.

"You have disgraced our family."

Sam Firstenberg, director of Cyborg Cop 1 & 2, Criss Cross, The Alternate, American Ninja 1 & 2, Delta Force 3, and Blood Warriors, delivers American Samurai. The storyline for this is fairly putrid and delivered in a USA Channel Movie kind of way. It felt very clumsy and the cast delivered shaky performances. The cast includes Mark Dacoscos, John Fujioka, Koby Azarly, Valerie Trapp, and David Bradley.

"One day I will come for my sword."

I came across this film while flicking through cable channels on either the Cinemax or Showtime extreme channels (I can't remember). I decided to DVR the next showing and give it a viewing when I was in the mood for a grindhouse genre picture. This film was painful to get through and did remind me of American Ninja. It's a step down from Chuck Norris films from this era.

"Why couldn't we have just been brothers?"

Grade: F
February 7, 2014
This movie was obviously a pretty cheap effort and it shows in quite a few ways. The plot is ordinary and most of it is predictable. However, I really enjoyed this movie! For all the faults, it captured the essence of Zen Buddhism as it relates to the martial arts, and the atmosphere created by the fight scenes is spot on. The music really complements the movie. OK, it is corny, but is still really gets the message across.
October 18, 2013
the lack of chemistry between the main character and the female was nonexistent in the first third of the movie, then raging in the last 2/3s. as always, these movies have an interesting plethora of messages, this one had less. some minor plot holes but for a 1978 movie i thought it was pretty neat, not too much fluff and buff
½ June 15, 2011
This movie is terrible. So many errors. It looked bad. It was badly acted. It was very, very poorly edited. But the nostalgia made me love it.
And it had a guy with a blade in his braid!!
½ June 14, 2011
Sadly, same "American" problem as Last Samurai. Still, good fights all in itself though.
½ October 21, 2010
The actings not great but all in all a pretty entertaining movie.
October 14, 2010
April 25, 2010
Since Cannon films pretty much ran the Ninja craze into the ground (especially after the rather dismal American Ninja 5), they decided to exploit another Asian icon, the Samurai. Here we get David Bradley (American Ninja 3-5) playing, oh my gosh, an American Samurai! When he was a baby his parents plane crash-lands somewhere in Asia where he is found and raised by a Samurai and in turn is taught the Samurai fighting style. Sounds like "American Ninja" you say? You betcha! His 'adoptive' father is even the same actor that played Michael Dudikoff's 'adoptive' father in American Ninja! While growing up, his 'step-brother' gets jealous because his father gains more of a liking for Bradley and a blood feud occurs. Sounds like "The Octagon" you say? You betcha! When Bradley grows up and moves to L.A., a string of bizarre murders in Turkey garner his attention as they feature his brother's signature cut. He travels to turkey with an annoying "photographer" (who his very attractive) to hunt him down. He gets caught and is forced to join in a "fight to the death" tournament. Sounds like "Bloodsport" you say? You betcha!

As you can tell there isn't much originality in this movie but you shouldn't expect there to be. The story rips off countless other Cannon and Martial Arts pictures. Bradley gives his usual stiff performance and the love scene between him and the women photographer has to be one of the most "awkward" love scenes ever filmed with body doubles. Even though this film is "supposed" to be bad, it still falls way below other great bad "cannon" fodder like American Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja (those two also directed by B-movie veteran Sam Firstenberg). Only for the most die-hard Cannon film fans or the most forgiving martial arts fans.
April 1, 2010
Great American Style Martial Arts with few nice Splatter-effects. One of the best MA B-movies to watch!
January 13, 2010
As far as Sam Firstenberg movies go, and as far as bad late 80's, early 90's kung fu movies starring white people go, you could do worse. Amusing.
November 6, 2009
This took me down memory lane when watched the uncut edition, David Bradley's best ever role, it was all down hill after this! what went wrong?? anyway forget Bradleys american Ninja (3,4,& 5) this is awesome a guilty pleasure!!
April 8, 2009
top quality martial arts action! Ok! kinda blood sport with weapons!!
February 28, 2009
So badly made is this film that during the many "locker room" scenes you see fighters that have already been killed wandering around the background. Still, for a stright to video action movie it ticks many of the right boxes.
½ February 7, 2009
memorable movie. very bloody violent scenes inside.
July 4, 2008

If you watch closely at the arena, you will see very distinctive combatants in the background of shots, even though they JUST DIED in the scene before.
May 7, 2008
if you can take the gore then this is'nt a bad film for martial arts and weapon fighting but let down by poor acting and the worsed love scene ever
April 5, 2008
so good though i huge continuity error threw me off otherwise great movie
February 3, 2008
Wow, where to begin? Mark Dacascos cannot act in this movie, and in fact no one can act worth a damn in this movie. The story is bad, the special effects are bad (especially the plane wreck where the plane used was a RC plane on miniature set and you can clearly see people standing outside the plane when they do closeups on the cockpit), and the directing was bad. The only thing that was not bad was the unintentional comedy. This movie is one of those it's so bad it's funny kind of movies and I laughed more at this then I did at "Bewitched." In fact they should just put this movie in all of the "Bewitched" dvd cases so that everyone can get a laugh.
November 9, 2007
Den er klasse rune, den er noget for dig..MVh jakob
November 3, 2007
Useless... Bad acting and even worse dialouge
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