Aug 20, 2019
While it doesn't bore or anger the public, it is one of those films that's forgotten as soon as it's over. [Full Review in Spanish]
May 9, 2018
I suspect Landis hoped to keep moviegoers eerily disarmed with an unpredictable mixture of wacky and terrifying touches. Unfortunately, his own touch... is so slack and uncertain that the movie ends up dramatically shapeless.
Sep 23, 2007
It's a failure, less because the odd stylistic mix doesn't take (it does from time to time, and to striking effect) than because Landis hasn't bothered to put his story into any kind of satisfying shape.
Feb 9, 2005
Oct 23, 2004
An American Werewolf in London seems curiously unfinished, as if director John Landis spent all his energy on spectacular set pieces and then didn't want to bother with things like transitions, character development, or an ending.
Jan 29, 2003
Nov 5, 2002
When the movie backfires, which it finally does, it's because too much grisly footage has been used too lightly.