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January 30, 2013
It was a really nice story about friendship and survival a sad ending though.
October 16, 2012
Bad, bad writing. Heart's in the right place, but damn, this was awful.
½ May 5, 2012
I didn't know what to expect from this movie, but ended up quite impressed. It reminded me of other low-budget but very good films like Smoke Signals. Though the script and production was not up to the quality of, say, Spanglish, the movie is very real and true. The only thing that surprised me, and not in a very good way, was the ending. It seemed to be a feel-good movie in which representatives of two different and often at-odds cultures meet and overcome the barriers so that friendship and mutual supportiveness can grow. But it ends up being tragic. I don't regret the end, though, because it is realistic. This movie doesn't let the viewer off the hook. By not providing a feel-good ending, the film can leave a sensitive person feeling haunted by our cruelty to the people who put together our swimming pools, pick our strawberries, clean our houses. Now that, thanks to our walls, police, harsh laws, and general animosity towards foreigners, the immigration from Mexico to the U.S. is 0%, we might start to see what life is like when we don't have them helping us out for wages few gringos would ever accept as pay.
April 6, 2012
If you've seen one movie about illegal aliens, then you've seen a majority of them. Amexicano is a good movie but nothing special about it. It is a PG-13 movie so it's something I would expect to see in a spanish class at high schools. If you have Netflix and free time, this is something to watch to kill time. Nothing special, though.
March 10, 2012
A comedy with an undertone of sadness, attractive actors (except of course for the overweight hero), somewhat implausible situations, some reality. (I come from a place where Latinos wait on corners for work, and I've experienced the demoralization of unemployment. The movie seems to try to explain the immigrants' situation from the outside, so there is an attempt at identification that doesn't entirely work. It has a good heart , though.
½ February 13, 2012
"Amexicano" is just as confused as its title. Everything is awkward, from the cheesy interactions between its two main characters as they become unlikely friends to the ironing board-tattoo-stabbing scene (don't ask). It is a strange entity, as the first half of the film doesn't go anywhere, and then the second half of the film takes so many random twists that by the end of the story, it is tough to believe that you are watching the same film. There are so many eye-rolling scenes, my favorite of which is the main character sitting in front of the computer, looking up phrases in Spanish and practicing them using different inflections. How could you forget when they invite him to play soccer. Sorry, futbol. They invite him to play futbol, he stands there like a big oaf until the ball comes to him, flails about, then somehow scores a goal. And then they celebrate. Sigh. Speaking of celebrations, they even invited him to a fiesta... with balloons and an awkward guitar player in the background... This film is guilty of failing to identify with true Mexican culture, and instead presenting every stereotype that they can think of, from the aforementioned things to day laborers on the corner. Which is the OPPOSITE of the message that this film is trying to get across! And all of this is under the guise of this obviously being a low-budget independent film. Let's not forget that one of the lines is "Sounds corny but it's true." Only the corniest movies would have this line included in their script. At least Gabriela (played by Jennifer Pe±a) is hott. But then they awkwardly turn this into a love story with several different guys... and the iron... From start to finish, I can't figure out what this movie is supposed to be. It seems like it's trying to deliver a message about biggotry but instead becomes the stereotype that it fights against. This one is good for a few laughs (even though it's not supposed to be) but doesn't offer any sort of quality, from its opening lines about not abusing the Unemployment System to it's dumb ending that feels like a different film.
½ November 26, 2011
Recomendable y muy entretenida. Muy bien hecha considerando que seguramente tuvo poco dinero y quizá familiaridad con el tema...
November 14, 2011
great little indy flick
½ July 31, 2011
Not bad for a low budget/indie movie.
July 27, 2011
Italian Neo-Realism coming out of Queens! Excellent film. See it.

A classic case of: No Production Budget = Excellent Film

It's a pretty basic story of friendship and loyalty. The acting and production were minimalist, and this approach worked well.

A 'desperate for work,' forth-generation Italian American, living in
Queens, befriends a Mexican day laborer(jornalero).

It portrays the difficulties of everyday life for illegal workers in this
country. I wish this film had more exposure and wider distribution. It seems like it was filmed on a cheap digital cam-corder, but this does not detract from the film, and might actually add something to its gritty realism.
June 22, 2011
A short film that portrays a big part of the real life for many that live the illegal life.
March 21, 2011
so in love with ignaco right now
½ February 28, 2011
Awesome film. A nice surprise alternative when Netflix did not have the movie I was looking for.
½ January 16, 2011
A good feed good indie movie (that punches you with a dose of reality at the end) about one open minded nuyawker's experience with illegal immigrants.
October 30, 2010
Engrossing story with some unexpected twists. Liked Jennifer Pena in her role.
½ October 23, 2010
I thought it was great.
July 3, 2010
"Bruno is lazy, out of work and late with his rent." i feel so identified with bruno :O
½ June 15, 2010
While it doesn't deal with immigration and racial prejudice as effectively as it could, seeing the relationship bloom between Bruno and Ignacio is quite a ride. The characters are likable and well-acted, if not a bit stereotyped at times. The ending is great, if a little jarring.
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