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January 7, 2010
Another silly Amityville sequel, yeah I know, wasn't expecting art. At least this is bad-funny to go along with it. The bad part is the lame premise, A CLOCK FROM THE AMITYVILLE HOUSE IS MAKING THE OWNERS OF ANOTHER HOUSE CRAZY!! I'm more into the funny aspects of it.. The fact the microphone bobs in and out like 5 times during the movie, the insane early 80's frosted glass architecture, the hilarious doctor/psychiatrist guy in the movie, the (I think) first ever use of a T-Swuare as a murder weapon (the main bad guy, of course, is an architect), it goes on and on. Good for laughs.
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½ December 14, 2009
Okay I admit it. The Amityville movies are definitely one of my guilty pleasures in life- but hey everyone has a vice right? I just genuinely get excited before I'm about to see another, and so far (with the exception of the incoherent snooze-fest that is Amityville 3/ 3-D) they've all been pretty entertaining.

So they aren't highly polished works of art, the standard of acting is variable to say the least, and the series did very quickly descend to made for TV/ straight to video territory. But I find the films to be a lot of fun, and considering the sheer number of sequels (seven and a remake to date) for the most part each film does manage to bring something new to the series, and considering the original concept of a haunted house doesn't lend much in the way of creative flexibility, it has been fun to watch the different ways in which the subject matter is approached.

Amityville 1992 : It's About Time (or simply Amityville: It's About Time as it is known on DVD) continues the theme of items from the original Amityville house ending up in new households, only to wreak havoc, as introduced in Amityville: The Evil Escapes. In this case it is an antique clock, which the audience will discover has a history of its own. However, rather than go for the obvious "and then things get thrown around the house and the walls bleed route" the writers have decided to play with the theme of time- we see glimpses of the past, time slows down and speeds up, and events are undone. Yes the premise of course is ultimately silly- time warps don't fit comfortably with Amityville lore, but it does make for a nice twist in the saga.

I liked the fact that characters were flawed also- our heroine Lisa (played convincingly by Megan Ward is introduced to us as a woman who is cheating on her psychiatrist boyfriend with an ex she knows she shouldn't get involved with/ Okay it's not groundbreaking stuff, but for the genre of horror it's a nice move away from the virginal stereotypical protagonist. In many other horror films she wouldn't be the female lead, she'd be the prime victim.

Expect some unintentionally hilarious dialogue, one of the charms of the Amityville horror movies, and look out for an interesting death scene which reminds me of the Final Destination films- you think you've escaped death by oh no you haven't. In fact it's delivered with (I hope) a real tongue in cheek sense of humour- you'll know what I mean when you see how the poor character is finished off! So to summarise- silly fun that's certainly worth renting. If you've seen the other sequels you'll know what to expect- it won't make for high brow film discussion, but it'll entertain for a couple of hours, and make you laugh a couple of times too.
½ November 1, 2009
A haunted clock no less
½ October 12, 2009
After the previous entries ludicrous haunted lamp, this one decides to get serious with a... haunted clock. I'm not watching anymore Amityville films, this series can chase itself!
August 11, 2009
I remember seeing this once, on some lazy day back when i was a kid, And all i recall is that i loved it, but i have to see it again in order to rate it fairly.
April 8, 2009
pretty good actually
March 19, 2009
I love Amityville movies
½ February 28, 2009
Half decent Amityville sequel.
January 24, 2009
this movie made very little since.the only 2 movies in this series that are good are the original and the ramake the rest sucked and made no since at all.
January 23, 2009
Good scary movie to watch
January 4, 2009
Would never watch this.
½ November 3, 2008
Did not like this film
½ October 29, 2008
It is all over a damn clock! IT SUCKS!
August 26, 2008
See the early acting exploits of Survivor All Star Jonathan Penner!
July 18, 2008
Stop moving in, you idiots!
½ June 23, 2008
A possessed clock? Seriously? There is no redeeming quality to this movie at all.
June 12, 2008
it was a decent flick but to me it wasn't as good as the first and second flim but you can buy all 3 for a low price.
March 24, 2008
Could have been a lot better.
February 23, 2008
This was really stupid. Why bother?
February 15, 2008
Haha, It's pretty bad.
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