Apr 13, 2017
I would implore anyone who ever wrote it off as a soulless remake to dig a little deeper with a rewatch, because you might just be surprised at how great of a modern horror movie it truly is.
Sep 10, 2006
the original wasn't really that great, nor did it have a substantial cult following to justify a remake. So, unusual as it may be, this remake is a much, much better film.
Apr 1, 2006
Dec 6, 2005
The Amityville Horror is just another decidedly bland, but mildly entertaining, horror film churned out in the rush to cash in on the reemergence of horror in Hollywood.
Nov 28, 2005
Douglas logra varios momentos de tensión en los que, si se va al cine con la suficiente intención de disfrutar la película, llega a generar uno que otro buen susto.
Oct 3, 2005
out-fakes the first film ups the dosage.
May 14, 2005
Punchy, frightening, and far slicker than the original - but for all the refurbishment, something's still not quite right with this haunted house.
May 14, 2005
Reynolds is well cast in the lead - it's genuinely upsetting as the house starts to chip away at his Nice Guy persona. He also spends a huge amount of the film either half-naked or dripping wet, if you like that sort of thing.
May 14, 2005
An efficient, schlocky remake from the guys who disinterred The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror is actually slightly better than its 1979 inspiration.
May 10, 2005
If you're to judge Amityville merely by asking the question, is it scary enough?, then yeah, it works.
Apr 18, 2005
That it's based on true events makes it much more fascinating, even though the filmmakers have bent the story to fit the structure of a horror film.
Apr 16, 2005
Indescribably nerve-wracking.
Apr 15, 2005
'The shocks are many and well delivered. I dare you not to jump at least once.'
Apr 15, 2005
Reynold's transformation is akin to Jack Nicholson's Jack Torrance.
Apr 15, 2005
It retains the cheesy look of the 1979 original, pure schlock not gussied up to appear to be anything else.
Apr 15, 2005
The original is still creepy, but this Horror will have fans jumping in their seats and talking back to the screen.
Apr 15, 2005
The startling thing about the remake is that it's one of the better horror films to hit screens in recent months, thanks to its refusal to take itself too seriously.
Apr 15, 2005
It will creep you out.
Apr 15, 2005
On almost every level, this remake is a marked improvement.
Apr 15, 2005
Despite its flaws, The Amityville Horror is good at scaring the popcorn out of your hand.