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December 13, 2015
Do children feel secure if they hear their parents make love??
½ December 10, 2015
dreaded watching this knowing it would be sad; it was actually really well handled -- the main character is so stoic. What intrigued me was the apparently contradictory ability for me to completely empathize with both the father and his actions, as well as the daughter's. oh, the mystery of the ending!
½ December 5, 2015
A complete devastating, unflinching and heartfelt movie! Be wise to pick the right time to watch this otherwise nothing couldn't be sadder.
½ November 27, 2015
An absolutely gut-wrenching look at what life is like when it is at it's most difficult.
½ November 27, 2015
Riipaisevan koskettava ranskalainen elokuva. <3 Upeasti näytelty ja ohjattu. (y) (Suom. Rakkaus)
November 14, 2015
Probably Michael Haneke's most endearing and heartwarming movie, unlike his previous violent works. Despite the shocking twist at the end, we observe the meaning of true love throughout thanks to the electrifying performances of the 2 leads. I sincerely hope that Emmanuelle Riva can win the Oscar.
November 12, 2015
I can understand showing the hardship in showing the eventual downfall of a loved one but the pacing is terribly slow and drawn out and for a movie format, it felt tired and uninspired. The acting is excellent but does not excuse the problems it carries with it.
November 5, 2015
Brilliant work from a brilliant filmmaker. In a time where almost every film in theaters is obsessed with fast cuts, shaky cameras, and brainless entertainment, words cannot describe how much I appreciate Michael Haneke and how sad I will be when he's gone. Some incredibly brave performances, the wonderfully patient and subtle direction that Haneke is known for, and a truly heartbreaking depiction of old age and two peoples' love for one another. Probably Haneke's best next to "Caché".
October 7, 2015
Bold scripting, rock-solid performances, and elegant, patient direction make this an enrapturing tale from an uncommon point of view that requires a strong sense of maturity.
October 4, 2015
Amazing, poignant film about stroke. Everything about it is perfect.
October 4, 2015
This film pulls no punches about aging, illness and dying. Yet, the duel performances of the main characters show a couple coping gracefully, albeit severely struggling with end of life dilemmas. The director artfully captures the day to day banalities of life for older people rarely portrayed in narrative film.
September 26, 2015
A hauntingly beautiful piece of realism that while not always easy to watch, stays with you on the strength of the direction and performances.
August 11, 2015
A very emotional, well acted, completely boring movie that I liked but never want to see again.
August 7, 2015
Best movie to have come out of 2012, and also one of the best movies ever. Now, my reason for saying so:

Amour starts with a scene, already depicting the emotions you are going to experience as the film progresses. We have two main characters, Anne and Georges. They are both written, acted, and directed so well, that there interactions with each other, seems so real. The movie has a constant pace, and for 2 hours, it felt like a 1 hour and 30 minute film. Haneke's direction is so simple, yet so great, it moves the movie in an unparalleled, almost unprecedented way, that it is surprising he didn't get an oscar for his effort. (But awards are awards, and doesn't mean a thing.)

The movie has no music, and we only get short bursts of it, whenever the characters use instruments or listen. And the movie requires no music. Their interactions with their environment is the score itself. The touch of materials, the footsteps, them talking, is like little fragments of music, rupturing in our ears.

There are scenes in particular, involving a bird, Georges, and a window. Now these scenes are beautiful, and for me personally, describes how desolate their house has become. How barren things have turned, since Anne's sickness, and death.

This movie is definite must-see, and I recommend to anyone. We need more movies like this. Please, watch it!
½ August 4, 2015
It's a simple narrative but superbly acted and directed... so much so you hardly notice that there's only one location for most of the film.
August 3, 2015
Amour is a slow paced, but well acted and well directed piece of foreign cinema
½ July 29, 2015
The beginning 30 or 40 minutes are boring. Really boring. Very boring. Deadly boring.
Then, something happens, and the film changes to just boring. It keeps this state to the end. Even what, I suppose, are strong scenes (there is a murder, at one point), did not raise any emotion in me. And, about at half, I decided to help with some wine (Bardolino Chiaretto, yes, I am from Italy). But, despite the good qualities of this wine renowned for bringing merry mood, nothing happened.
If it were not for Lost in Translation, I would consider this the most boring movie I have ever seen.
However, it is depressive.
I am quite surprised it premiered at Cannes, because there is no sex at all.
I did not like it.
July 15, 2015
One of the best movies of all time
June 19, 2015
Amour is probably the best of 2012 out of all the films I've seen from that year. I was anticipating a tearjerker with massive artistic merit, but instead I received a brutally honest, riveting, and above all challenging film about coping with suffering, mortality, and distinguishing genuine love. The leads are both excellent, as is the dialogue, and the symbolism throughout is very well done. Amour will stick with me for a while, and that's exactly the type of film we need nowadays. Verdict: A+
½ May 31, 2015
A slow film with random, unnecessary scenes, such as the bird scenes, But touching and poignant, nevertheless.
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