Amy Reviews

October 29, 2002
[Tass] accents the easy bathos of David Parker's script.
December 14, 2001
This well-meaning film is really just another one-hanky slum fairy tale -- this time with an Aussie accent.
June 19, 2001
Nowhere near as good as Tass and Parker's best film, the delightful Malcolm.
May 28, 2001
Ultimately undone by a less-than-credible, often cloying screenplay marked by underdeveloped characters and contrived situations.
May 21, 2001
A crowd-charming contemporary fable with more than a touch of Dickens in its go-for-broke heart.
May 18, 2001
Provides satisfactions that must be balanced against its flaws.
July 23, 2005
December 13, 2001
All over the map, not able to make up its mind whether it wants to be slapstick or a heart-wrenching drama.
May 21, 2001
An earnest attempt to fob off a sentimental and rather silly melodrama as a gritty piece of urban realism.
May 8, 2001
Effectively combines the genres of musical, drama and comedy in a delightfully, family-friendly film.