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½ August 14, 2017
In the end, it trivializes the psychological complexity of the girl's post-traumatic stress and betrays a game group of actors who struggle to find balance between the alternately dark drama and the silly, over-the-top melodrama.
November 25, 2015
i love this movie but then again my bestfriend from when i was little is in this movie, but i cant seem to watch it and i cant find it anywhere else
April 25, 2012
During the 80s and 90s I watched Nadia Tass/David Parker movies on rotation... Rikky & Pete, Malcolm, The Big Steal etc... the alluring factor was that they each had a quirk. Tass & Parker have a wonderful way of finding the oddities of life and Amy was the final Australian film of theirs for a decade. Its a story about a little girl who suffers a post traumatic stress after seeing her rockstar father electrocuted to death while performing. In her grief she shuts off from the world... she cannot hear people and she cannot speak. Desperate for answers (a cure) her mother (Rachel Griffiths) seeks help from the country's leading psychologists while fending off child welfare officers. Finally a musician neighbour (Ben Mendelsohn) discovers that Amy can communicate through song. She can hear singing and she sing's back and the movie gets a little weird with everyone from cops to yobbos singing to her. Its a kitchy flick but its a good one. It's a nice story told well. Tass & Parker have put a lot of love into painting a beautiful picture of Melbourne too. It looks gorgeous. After Amy they went and made a few hallmark-eqsue tele movies in the USA but thankfully returned recently and made Matching Jack (See review). They're back!
April 6, 2012
Strikingly photographed, especially the Outback scenes, and exceptionally acted (Rachel Griffiths in strong, Alana De Roma is wonderful and Ben Mendelsohn is nothing short of outstanding), Nadia Tess' humane film only falters in the final act when the sentimental card is played.
September 6, 2011
It is heard not to have the occasional August Rush flashback while you watch this flick because it involves music and a damn kid. The songs aren't as impressive as August Rush but the kid is way cuter.
April 4, 2011
Unique storyline with interesting characters. The ending was a little hard to believe but had great emotional impact.
July 21, 2010
Amy is a lovely movie about a little girl who doesn't speak anymore after her father was tragically killed.
Super Reviewer
December 3, 2009
BEST MOVIE I've seen in a looong time. It definitely evoked a lot of emotion and some tears. Incredible acting by young De Roma and very interesting storyline.
December 13, 2008
Quite a beautiful, touching story about love, family and music. :)
October 10, 2008
So sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amy is also so resiliant
½ September 26, 2008
If there's one thing I cannot stand in a movie, it is when script-writers take nonsensical shortcuts to avoid dealing with a plot-hole, such as in this hilariously stupid story of a deaf mute who comes to realise that she can communicate through the medium of song, yes SONG- she even gets kidnapped at one point and sings 'please let me go, I'm just a little girl' which was probably the highlight of the movie for me. If you're going to take such a dumb idea, you at least need to give it a good story and a filled out plot- you cannot give a character the line 'she's here, I feel it' just because you can't be bothered of thinking up a logical way for a mother to find her daughter in a massive crowd of people. Truly ridiculous, but kind of funny for that reason, and the little girl is pretty fun to watch as well...
August 28, 2008
touching movie!
heart breaking, then heart warming!
½ July 28, 2008
Touching family film.I love the little girl singing. Great achievement of its kind but not up to higher movie standard
June 14, 2008
Poetic, sensitive, beautiful, if you like music and movies, you should definatelly watch this and fall in love.
½ June 12, 2008
crap, crap Crap Crap!!
March 25, 2008
very moving film, loved this when it came out back home and haven't been able to find it over here.
½ March 18, 2008
Really good, it actually made me cry!
½ February 15, 2008
Beautiful movie and with a fitting cast.
Damn that little girl could sing, totally cute!
January 25, 2008
it is an inspiring movie
January 21, 2008
I love Amy! I have seriously seen it over 50 times and still cry and laugh in it!
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