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June 5, 2015
Now this is a movie that tells the truth about global warming.
June 28, 2014
Fantastic Documentary! Tells the truth about the big global warming hoax. I own this movie.
January 27, 2014
Excellent movie! Wonderful antidote to that money crazy Albert Gore Jr.'s half-cracked piece An Inconvenient Truth, which was really about Albert Gore Jr. and how important his flawed view of environmentalism really is! NOT!
October 5, 2013
This movie targets conservatives who want to believe that global warming is a lie in the first place, this just gives them a reason to indoctrinate their children at the movies. One of the interviews in the movie ( if you can call it that) was a angry redneck saying how great C02 were for the environment and people, however if thats the case why did the Apollo 13 have an air filter built just to protect astronauts from the good gas, and why do people commit suicide by C02. This is the type of basic logic Conservatives and this movie miss, you have to have very little brain power and an ability to believe any BS that comes your way to buy into this garbage.

It's also a total misunderstanding of what Global warming, does and what it is. Conservatives believe global warming is when the earth gets hot and makes your feet warm, which is of course and argument made by fools. The fact is their ARE dwindling polar bear populations and there is a hole in the Ozone layer in the South pole, anyone who read a National geographic in the last THIRTY years knows these things.

I am sorry I can't be nice about this, you have to be stupid to find this movie informative.
November 21, 2012
Stupid. Go to Jersey and parts of New York and eastern Ohio on your odyssey. Skeptic, meet Sandy. Inconvenient truth for the know-nothing crowd.
October 19, 2012
I did not get to see the whole thing, only the sneak peek DVD. It was interesting, but like Michael Moore, it lacked credibility. I was interested in the grilling of Al Gore in the committee hearings, where important points were raised against his energy bill.

I was also interested because I worked with Phil Valentine at the RNC. I will have to listen to his show.
September 26, 2012
I'm going to view it at a later date, but there are fishy elements to be found in this project. I know that there are problems with both sides of the argument (the laughable denialist movement proposed by the premise of the film alone, and the Gore-fiends who don't realize that Gore is an exploiter of sensationalism)

First, the inclusion of the flip-flopping wife-ditcher Newt Gingrich who once, with Nancy Pelosi, was featured in an advert where he apparently agreed that Global Warming was a real issue. Since he's just as opportunistic and pathetic as many of the Republican Party are, this film is already questionable just by having him involved.

Next, Fred Singer, a virulent global warming denialist with some sketchy practices, who heads the SEPP, which actively finds ways to deny the progress of environmentally-friendly business and industry practices. He denies man's involvement in the increased rate of global warming. Rachel White Scheuering alleges that Singer, through SEPP, receives funding by oil companies. What a surprise if that's indeed true.

Roy Spencer wouldn't be questionable if he didn't work with the Cornwall Alliance "An Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming", which smacks of rampant bias that blinds him to the nuances of the issue at hand. Plus, since he appeared on Rush Limbaugh's dreadful shock-jockey show, his credibility certainly took a big hit there.

Worst of all, perhaps, is James Inhofe, a frighteningly religious man who is driven entirely by his faith to be hostile towards the LBGT citizens of the USA, at once an opponent of the GI Reform bill (which would have seen veterans' college expenses paid for by the government), an anglophone pusher (pushed for an act that would make English the national language, requiring all immigrants to pass a speech & writing test), and an abuser of taxpayer funds for his "flights for God." Inhofe is hugely against trying to adapt positively to environmental conditions which we are causing or contributing to, and outright denies global warming.

When I watch the film for myself, I will properly review it, but I don't expect anything better than the pro-oil drivel that I already sense from the parties involved. It's best to maintain objectivity when it comes to this issue because there's bullcrap from both sides (moreso from the pro-oil side, due to their desperation at times), but in the end, this might be an inconsistent film.
April 30, 2012
This movie looks stupid. If Newts Gingrich is in it you know it will such. He's a baby shaped man.
½ March 18, 2012
5,00 record tempters in US in the last 3 weeks. Global warming is real and man made. STFU!
½ March 17, 2012
More people should be informed.
½ February 22, 2012
Quite well done. Nice mix of facts, humor, and satire. We all know that Al Gore's "Inconvenient" truth received its awards based on political bias; this very well done rebuttal is every bit as good as Al Gore's documentary, but I sort of doubt the awards people will want any part of it. The movie brings out the "rest of the story" regarding Al Gore and the whole global warming issue -- MONEY. Money for Al Gore to be precise.

Go see the movie, the money part is VERY enlightening.
February 18, 2012
The movie has many of the facts unbiased scientists and engineers have known based upon unaltered data about the lack of evidence to support human created global warming. The movie interviews two very credible scientist, however there are many more available - I would have like to have seen William Gray, Phd Professor of Atmospheric Science, interviewed. It also shows, sometimes in a humorous way, how ill-informed many believers of MMGW really are - who knew cameras caused global warming?
February 13, 2012
Diversity of thought is fine until it comes to bought and paid for lies in the form of a laughable movie. Like "creation science" where conclusion is known before the science starts the deniers have the outcome ahead of the facts.
February 13, 2012
Great, informative flick. It is nice to get the other side of the story.
February 12, 2012
What a great documentary! Impressively written, directed, and produced...highly entertaining and immeasurably informative! If you watch this film and still can't see Al Gore and his band of Henny Pennys as liars whose motivation for their "sky is falling" propaganda has nothing to do with saving the earth, then you have probably consumed an intellect-rotting amount of their Kool-Aid. Does this movie prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that mankind has absolutely nothing to do with global warming? No. It comes about as close as possible, but that wasn't its intention. It does absolutely prove that Al Gore and his merry men care nothing about truly helping the planet or those in poverty around the world. They are definitely concerned with fattening their own wallets, however, and they've made the right investments in companies dealing out "carbon credits" to do just that. Funny how a little thing called "truth" coupled with pesky annoyances called "facts" tend to contradict almost every word they say. As this movie points out, conservation is a good thing, but conservation is not a means of saving the world from overheating. Nature (and more specifically, natural earthly and solar cycles) does a fine job of taking care of things without our help. In fact, the more we get involved with preventing nature from running its course (e.g. trying to lessen the power of hurricanes or do away with them altogether), the more likely it is that mankind really will screw something up on a catastrophic level. Kudos to Phil Valentine and his whole crew! Masterfully done!
February 7, 2012
There in fact is NO debate on Global Warming, if you think there is a debate on Global Warming you seriously need to look at the facts on it. Where the debate is and always has been is on whether or not our actions and lifestyles as Man are having an increasing or adverse effect of the ALREADY occurring Global Warming. Hence why you are beginning to see the use of "man-made global warming." It is extremely important not to get the two confused.
February 7, 2012
Anyone claiming that there is "no debate" on global warming obviously can't read. There is debate a plenty.
February 5, 2012
That's Phil 'Valentine' not Phil 'Clentine.'
February 4, 2012
There is no debate as to the existence of anthropogenic climate change. Pretending that it is just a hoax so that environmentalists can make money is idiotic.
½ February 4, 2012
Saw the movie. It was very good. Does a good job of supporting the argument with facts, clips, and interviews. I highly recommend it.
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