Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Reviews

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April 29, 2009
It's a bad movie, really bad, and in the end I was just baffled that this was actually made.
January 20, 2009
...represents a significant improvement over its lackluster predecessor...
August 7, 2008
April 1, 2006
December 6, 2005
September 30, 2005
July 25, 2005
The character development is as thin as shed snakeskin.
June 17, 2005
So who is this movie for? Based on my experience at the theater, kids who just turned thirteen yesterday.
December 20, 2004
This is a film that manages to take what should have been delirious camp fun and turn it into a struggle to keep any remote interest.
December 20, 2004
Provides some unintentional laughs and genuine bursts of adrenalin, however hokey it gets and however Harry Potterish the snakes.
November 13, 2004
November 2, 2004
Picks up pretty terrifying momentum once the jungle snakes get an urge to chow down on these humans, even if everyone on the menu is on the lean side
November 1, 2004
It's fun to see the characters get eaten up. It's the people who remain alive and talking that may disturb the viewer.
October 30, 2004
these creatures attack strictly one at a time, so that Anacondas misses every opportunity to live up to its titular promise.
October 19, 2004
September 17, 2004
Not especially tedious, the snakes were OK, and I understood most of the conclusion. The only surprise, though, was that I made it to the end.
September 16, 2004
Obviously the cast and crew don't care that this makes no sense--they got a great holiday in Fiji.
September 15, 2004
Despite a script that borders on banality ... and Strickland's sometimes distracting emoting, director Little and director of photography Stephen F. Windon do an exceptional job of creating tension.
September 14, 2004
Se vou perder uma hora e meia de minha vida vendo uma cobra comer pessoas, quero, no mnimo, que a refeio seja composta por caras conhecidas.
September 7, 2004
Some people say nature is a good thing, something that ought to be encouraged. These people are stupid and should shut up.
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