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January 4, 2018
Analyze That is even funnier than Analyze This.
December 21, 2010
Amusing mob comedy for older teens only.
October 14, 2004
A marginally diverting, fun way to spend a couple of hours, and you even get to hear De Niro and Crystal duet on tunes from 'West Side Story.'
October 7, 2004
March 4, 2003
Overall, it feels like Crystal, De Niro, and director Ramis have settled into a familiarity with the material and each other that allows for richer comedic chemistry and improvisation.
December 17, 2002
December 16, 2002
Fuggetabout It, 'Analyze That' A Fitting Sequel
December 13, 2002
December 11, 2002
The film could have deftly skewered the whole sub-genre; instead, it sinks to the level of a marginally classier Mickey Blue Eyes with a smattering of more laughs.
December 10, 2002
With Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal back in the mix ... the warmed-over goulash is tasty more often than not.
December 9, 2002
It's about what you'd expect from a sequel.
December 7, 2002
I'll be honest - most of the movie I was smiling, not busting a gut. Like the last film, my companions liked it better than I did.
December 7, 2002
Une suite au scnario ridicule mais aux nombreux moments comiques.
December 7, 2002
DeNiro works his tail off for laughs, laboring as hard on weak material as on strong.
December 7, 2002
A pretty funny movie, with most of the humor coming, as before, from the incongruous but chemically perfect teaming of Crystal and De Niro.
December 6, 2002
Same song, second verse, coulda been better, but it coulda been worse.
December 6, 2002
Provides the kind of 'laugh therapy' I need from movie comedies -- offbeat humor, amusing characters, and a happy ending. After seeing 'Analyze That,' I feel better already.
December 6, 2002
De Niro needs to play another mobster like Martha Stewart needs to take another stock tip, but he broadens his already-big performance as a tough mook who gets all touchy-feely.
December 6, 2002
Analyze That is more beaded than filmed. It's a string of mildly connective skit bits held together by capable casting and silly nonsense.
December 6, 2002
Analyze That is filled with so many wonderful comic gems, you easily forgive the few times where gags fall flat or the film attempts to get serious.
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