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August 8, 2016
This is Will Ferrell at his BEST!!!
For a comedy movie, this was a really good one. Steve Carrell has always been the only guy who would make me laugh a lot and in this movie he was random, mysterious, stupid, awkward, and most of all hilarious! All the characters are unforgettable and have very good chemistries, and all of them were hilarious.
The movie is very very very silly...But in a good way. The cameos were all random and funny. Overall a good comedy movie that does its job.
Score: 8/10 (Great).
August 8, 2016
Will Ferrell is part of a group of comedians that include Vince Vaughn, Owen WIlson, and Ben Stiller, and each have their own comedy films where they shine. I have yet to see all of Will Ferrell's films, but from the ones I have seen, it is either Anchorman or Blades of Glory where he shines. Though it's his best, it isn't a perfect film.

The film is written by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. Anchorman's issues derives from the lack of a great story. The complications of the film doesn't really arise until halfway through the film. So the first half of the film introduces it's characters and the atmosphere of the working environment, which would be fine if the script has funnier lines and much more interesting moments. The film also relies on improvisations from actors, in particular Will Ferrell, and sometimes they just don't land. The film does improve during the second half with segments that are exciting and crazy. I did also enjoy the film's shine on the social balance of the era, with the battle against women and men in the workplace, and the film also gives off a message on the importance of acceptance and respect of diversity in the workplace and community.

The film is directed by Adam McKay. This is McKay's first film, and I think he did a decent job for a comedic director. Using the era of the 70s allowed him to create a beautiful design of the era with costumes and production design that has the audience believe that these people are within the decade. Though McKay captures the 70s workplace well, he doesn't seem to have a complete vision of how the screenplay would unfold, with the first half being draggy and tiresome and the second half fueled by immaturity and physical comedy. The second half is miles funnier than the first half, as I have a tendency to appreciate childish humor. There are segments of the film where McKay keeps the camera too long on Ferrell and he just rambles on, giving me the impression that both McKay and Ferrell are too in love with their own work that everything that comes out of them are pure gold. If only the film is consistent and gives a bit more of characters like Brian Fantana and Brick Tamland screen time, then the film would be almost perfect.

Thomas E. Ackerman is the film's cinematographer and he does a decent job in capturing the characters doing their funny moments. There isn't really a lot about the Anchorman's photography that makes it stand out but it does capture the image of the 1970's very well with saturated colors that pop off with each shot.

Alex Wurman did the musical score for the film and it is quite effective. Wurman's score does make you feel like that Ferrell and Co. are a legit news team, and the score hits the spots it wants to get a reaction from us. The use of Afternoon Delight is amazing, and it became something that is stapled on the film when people reminisce about the film. Though I do wish that there was something more from the score, but that's just me nitpicking.

The film is led by Will Ferrell and I think he did a so-so job in the role, though I do enjoy his commitment to the role as you can really tell that he is in character. Ferrell tends to ramble on improvised lines and at most times it gets a bit tiresome and needed more from it to be funny. Ferrell does improve in the second half as he gets placed in situations where he ends up acting petty and childish, which had me cracking up a few times. David Koechner is a bit of a let down, who is given lines that are not hilarious and felt over done. The gems of the film are Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana and Steve Carell as Brick Tamland, as they play characters that are random, inappropriate and at times flamboyant. Christina Applegate was good as Veronica Corningstone but it sometimes feels that Ferrell and McKay didn't write enough great lines and funny scenarios for her. Though she is attractive, it doesn't distract the audience and it has concentrating on her intentions in the film. The film does include a number of cameos that had me laughing and without them, a certain fight scene would not be as effective if it weren't for these appearances.

Anchorman does have funny moments and it does have a great view of the workplace of the decade, but the film does take a while to kick in and the writers are to precious of their own work that they find it hard to let go of scenes that just seem unnecessary or at least needs another rewrite. I would still watch this film again though, due to it's extremely funny moments that flows well in the second half.
August 7, 2016
I got 11 minutes into the movie before I quit because I was so bored.
July 26, 2016
Anchorman is immensely quotable and the movie has stood the test of time. It is a pioneering film in irreverent comedy. One characteristic line: "...our children will form a family band, and we will tour the countryside. And you won't be invited."
July 14, 2016
Unfunny untill it gets absurd
½ July 3, 2016
Aika ala-arvoinen leffa, nauratti kuitenkin välillä ihan kunnolla... (Suom. Uutisankkuri Ron Burgundyn legenda)
June 27, 2016
Absolutely disgusting humour for my taste. The level of idiocy that's beyond my tolerance of what "silly comedy" should contain.
½ June 25, 2016
MUCH better than expected!
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June 21, 2016
Silly, but funny. This is a hilarious "period comedy" set in the late 1970s. The fashion is spot on and the writing by Ferrell and McKay is great. So many quotable lines and remembered characters in this film. One of the more enjoyable sequences was the street fight between the rival news teams which was chock full of cameo appearances.
June 17, 2016
you can say anything ridiculous as long as you sound intelligent you earn the respect of your peers and the PJD. Rons a bad boy news anchor that enjoys the the perks of being #1 in San Diego. Everything gets dark when his truest friend Baxter the dog gets punted into the river and a lady with a dirty whorish mouth is the face of the news.. The legend of Ron Burgundy will inspire and make and give ya the sillies.
June 12, 2016
Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy is another great Will Ferrell movie. Although it is not one of his best movies, but he does play his role of Ron Burgundy well. I would suggest on seeing this movie if you are a Will Ferrell fan. It's funny and a whacky sort of film.
½ June 12, 2016
Feels like a drawn out SNL sketch that never finds stable footing, but when it hits the mark it can be hilarious, or at least entertaining.
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½ June 12, 2016
It doesn't really have a very well defined plot and feels more like a series of sketches - which is not a problem given how most of these isolated moments are pretty funny and the excellent cast makes the best of their mostly improvised lines, including those many welcome cameos.
½ June 12, 2016
CLASSIC. Will Ferrell at his finest. Supporting cast seals the deal.
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May 27, 2016
A hilarious newsroom comedy. The characters played by Will Ferrell and Steve Carell are especially awesome. There are so many quotable lines that are still said today ("60% of the time, it works every time" being one of my favourites). The plot may be a little thin, but the jokes make up for this. The funniest comedy i have seen in a long time.
½ May 26, 2016
Hialrious. Will Ferrell is a comedy genius and Ron Burgundy is one of his best characters. It kind of gets away from them a little bit toward the end though.
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May 23, 2016
Boring. Can't say I made it through.
May 8, 2016
One of those films where I'm clearly just not on the same page as the rest of planet Earth. Sorry but to me, it's just not funny. It's a SNL sketch stretched out ad in finitum. I literally smirked a couple of times.
½ May 5, 2016
Will Ferrell as a 70s tv news anchorman who feels threatened when a woman enters the workplace. Much like most Apatow comedies, it's a little overdone but funny nevertheless.
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