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½ August 2, 2016
The suspense was hindered by the stupid things the characters did, as if they had never seen any movies where these same things happened--like never turn your back on a killer, and always frisk them to make sure they don't have a weapon stashed somewhere, never split up, always carry a knife of some kind when you are biking or hiking, etc. These girls break up about every safety rule there is. And how Karl Urban's character survived as long as he had was a miracle.
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June 17, 2016
Title accurately describes what happens to the viewer's consciousness within 20 minutes of watching this snorefest.
½ February 24, 2016
quite impressed actually.. I have low expectations for this movie to say the least. Im not sure what did it cause alot of movies are like this not to mention its a remake the the real hopeless feeling the movie gives along with a surprising very good performance from Amber Heard it managed, in my eyes to separate itself from the rest of the pack
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½ December 6, 2015
Human trafficking is one of the most scary and abhorrent realities of our society. While it happens in many places, for many reasons, and in many different ways, filmmakers only seem to see the obvious. Once again we have a film about two girls traveling abroad, when one is abducted for the purposes of being sold as a sex slave. And Soon The Darkness is simply the same story as Taken and Hostle, with several small difference. In this film, only one girl goes missing, while the other teams up with a good samaritan, to try and find her. As always American girls are at a premium and the trail leads her to a vile underground of deceit and deception in a third world country. As far as abduction films go, this one was pretty unrealistic. How many young American girls, travel alone, to remote locations in third world countries, rather than staying at the resort or with some tour group. Second, there are a ton of American's in this supposedly secluded area, that doesn't have anything close to what could be considered a tourist attraction. And Soon The Darkness features an adequate cast, and of course, two very good looking girls, wearing as little as possible, but as far as substance and originality go, this film was severly lacking in both.
July 9, 2015
It was at best okay. Lacked any real scare or thrill. Nothing much happened and was relatively predictable. Had the potential to be so much better. Skip this one.
October 19, 2014
And soon the darkness sees two young females travel around Argentina. When they arrive in a very small village for one night. Things go wrong when they miss the only bus and when one of the girls goes missing the other one soon realises girls going missing are a regular occurrence
½ July 12, 2014
The movie had a lot of potential but I can see that they wanted to make it a little different then your typical girls traveling alone and getting kidnapped and sold to the sex trade. It wasn't horrible but I guess I was just wanting to see more. Stephanie was totally kick ass though, meh nothing to write home about.
February 22, 2014
Dazzling atmosphere, great performances and a just about interesting enough plot, makes this horror-lite thriller whizz by, at least until the pedestrian climax.
August 11, 2013
Kept waiting for the significance of the title. Has nothing to do with darkness. Crappy movie. I go into a rant about how bad it is every time I see it at a video store
July 27, 2013
Effective thriller about two friends traveling in Mexico who are abducted. Great cinematography, atmospheric locations and characters who weave an interesting balance between the sinister and trustworthiness overcome a familiar plot. Good.
½ June 15, 2013
The film's visuals are fantastic, but it falls short when it comes to content. Flat characters, a dull, plodding storyline with horrible pacing, and a questionable conclusion all hinder this film and the potential it had.
May 17, 2013
I have a friend like Ellie, a dumb Cunt who doesn't stay on schedule and would get you kidnapped and sold as a sex slave. That said; I'm never going to South America.

It was boring, but kudos to Karl Urban and Amber Heard for keeping me interested enough to see it through.
February 19, 2013
Wednesday, February 06, 2013

(2010) And Soon The Darkness

Straight to rental and been done many times already, do we have to see this again.

Two beautiful girls decide to go on a vacation trip with their bicycles- been done before.

They plan to catch the morning bus to catch up with their group but end up missing it instead- been done before.

They go to some isolated spot and argue pissing off the partner to leaving her alone- been done before.

The partner gets kidnapped and the local police officer doesn't believe her either - been done before.

The police officer is also part of this human trafficking thing except that the center protagonist doesn't realize it- been done before.

She eventually finds her partner but is unsuccessful in escaping herself until after many scenes later- been done before.

Do I have to say more

.05 out of 4 stars
February 13, 2013
Une étoile pour Amber Heard et Odette Annable =j
February 13, 2013
And Soon the Darkness, the most generic thriller you can probably think of, has an attractive enough cast to make it watchable. No, it's not good, and you'll know exactly where it's going at every turn, but it's middle-of-the-road enough to not be a complete waste of time. And, if nothing else, it'll give you a new example of what to use when someone asks you what is the most formulaic thriller you've ever seen. You can answer "And Soon the Darkness" and everyone should understand -- except nobody really saw this one (did it even get a theatrical release?), and might mistake you for calling out the original British thriller of the same name.

The differences between this one and the one from the '70s are very slight. In that one, two British girls are trapped in France, while in this one, two American girls are stranded in Argentina. One of them eventually gets captured, and the other has to look for her, suspecting everyone possible in the process. There's a love-interest/suspect (here played by Karl Urban), an uninterested police force, and some creepy villagers. Everything you need in a thriller, I suppose.

The only part missing is actual thrills, or something resembling suspense. The search for the captured girl isn't handled with any sense of urgency, the suspects are as predictable as they come -- you should figure out who is behind the capture as soon as you see the character appear on-screen -- and none of the attempted jolts work as planned. Beat for beat, this could be a remake of forty other movies, not just some semi-obscure British flick from 1970.

The girls are cardboard cutouts that you have seen before. Odette Yustman plays the "out there" one -- the character who would rather party than study -- while Amber Heard plays the serious, uptight, responsible one. Yustman is the one who gets captured, not that it matters as they have about as little personality as possible, and Heard goes and searches for her. That's the extent of the plot, save for finding out who is behind it and dealing with that person after the big reveal.

I found myself liking one thing about And Soon the Darkness: It doesn't care about letting characters survive. As soon as one has fulfilled its purpose, a trigger will be pulled and he or she will be removed from the picture with a bullet. This isn't one of those movies where you know everyone will make it through to the end, and once you realize that, the stakes seem a little bit higher. "These people could actually die," you think, before realizing that because you've seen this story many times before, you know how it'll end anyway.

And Soon the Darkness is rated R. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. It's not violent, it's not scary, there's no nudity, and the language adheres to the MPAA's standards of not saying the F-word more than three times -- I counted two, for the record. Yes, I was paying more attention to the content from the side of its rating than I was paying attention to the story or characters, or even just getting scared. I couldn't feel less for a movie like this one.

Another thing that And Soon the Darkness has going for it is the lush environment in which the filming took place. Argentina has to be desirable -- otherwise, why would these characters leave their biking troupe in order to go exploring on their own? As such, it has to be presented beautifully to us. The cinematography is gorgeous, and if you're here just for sightseeing, you might have more fun than if you want a thrilling experience. There are waterfalls, jungles and quaint little towns that you get to view; you don't need to go biking in the country yourself after this.

Looking back, some of the things that happen in the film don't make sense. After Yustman disappears, Heard and Urban come to where she was last seen. Blood comes into Urban's view, but he says nothing. Why? Because that makes him feel more like a suspect -- even though he rarely appears that way afterward and after the reveal, you'll realize that he had no reason to act this way. And it didn't even have an effect on the plot; Heard is still convinced that her friend was kidnapped and that is how it has to be.

I called the cast attractive in the opening paragraph. I stand by that. Talented? I'm not so certain, at least, not based on this film. Granted, they're given nothing much to do, but considering it's Heard's performance that has to carry most of the weight, and since it doesn't stand up, I was disappointed. Based on this film, she shouldn't be in movies. Neither should Yustman or Urban, to be honest, although an unseen-by-most-people film like this one isn't going to matter to many people.

And Soon the Darkness isn't a terrible thriller, but it's as generic and formulaic as they come, and I can't recommend it for any reason other than to sight-see parts of Argentina or the cast. The thriller aspects don't work, there's no attempt at believable drama, and there's nothing much of value to be had. Even if you're a fan of these actors, they've been in better movies that just might not bore you to tears.
January 22, 2013
Thoroughly predictable in its unpredictability but just about watchable.
½ January 13, 2013
This is an uninspired low-profile fear flick about two girls on vacation falling victim to a serial kidnapper and killer. There is nothing particularly special about it. The main flaw is that it lays all of the cards on the table too clearly and leaves little to the imagination. It is predictable every step through the movie. We are made suspicious of things that should surprise us later, or critical information is revealed too soon. Perhaps the main selling point here is the eye candy, as it features Odette Annable and Amber Heard. They are both attractive and play their undemanding parts well as they can, but they are not in a situation where they can shine. The rest of the cast and is only worthy of daytime soap operas. Another complaint is that the long set up does not help develop the characters at all. Many of the earlier scenes have nothing but through away dialogue and are a complete waste of time. More time should have gone into the action and mystery. This is a completely heavy-handed effort, with bad writing mainly holding it back. This could have been an exciting movie but it misses the mark by some large margin.
January 2, 2013
A fairly dull "person lost" story. It tries for some horror, but really winds up just being about a kidnapping. Some nice cinematography is lost in a lackluster movie.

½ October 31, 2012
2 girls traveling on the bikes in Argentina? seriously? such a nonsense. -1 for this only
½ October 15, 2012
One of the worst movies I've ever seen.
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