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½ December 7, 2017
I hated it with a strong passion. It doesn't seem to have the life that the original phantom had, with all the flaws of the original with none of the charm. The phantom is an *excuse my language* huge asshat with no punishment for his actions and even gets rewarded in the end with a child of his own! (Also, Christine is back to being a living doormat. I'm very disappointed when a whole arc of POTO was her being able to stand up to the phantom) The score isn't even that good and "Under the Moonless" sky was the most annoying and most unbelievable description of *cough* sex that I've ever seen. Let's not even talk about the terrible person they made Raoul (who I like better than the phantom in this movie, to be honest) into just to get the phantom to look better. Hint movie, if you have to make a character a raging alcoholic and ignoring father just to make the phantom look better, you're making it worse. Haven't you heard of the saying, bringing someone down doesn't make you any better?! I could rant for a while about this movie, but I would rather not waste my time. At least the visuals were cool. But the music is terrible. The singing is alright, but can't help save this movie. The acting is really bad, especially with the phantom who speaks like Count Dracula. The songs are terrible too! It seems old webber has lost his mind eh?
Overall a 1.5/5. The rock song (forgot its name since all the songs in the movie are bland and forgettable) was kind of okay, but the kid screaming "yes" every few minutes just.. ew.
July 17, 2017
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 23, 2017
Visually beautiful, sometimes breathtakingly so, but the script is just awful, and the lyrics to many of the songs are unpoetic and trite. Worst of all several of the characters act in ways inconsistent with their earlier versions, Raoul in particular has been defiled beyond recognition. Still, as a hardcore borderline obsessive fan of Phantom, I had to watch it, and if you are a completist as well, you may feel compelled to do the same, but be forewarned, these are not the same people we met in Phantom of the Opera. On the positive side, the actress who plays Christine is stunningly beautiful, as she should be, and the costumes and set designs are a wonder to behold, but whereas the original Phantom had the emotional power of the triangle created by the choice between two suitors, one, Raoul, representing goodness and light, brave, heroic and pure of heart , the other the Phantom, a tragic but also brutal and controlling figure, representing the seductive power of darkness and mystery, in this play, Raoul has been diminished unnecessarily and the Phantom has been overly sentimentalized. One could easily forget that this is the man who killed Buquet and Piangi without a second of remorse. All in all I vote thumbs down on this endeavor and ironically, those who will see it anyway because they so love the original are the ones most likely to be repelled by this beautiful, but vapidly maudlin presentation.
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½ June 4, 2016
Filmed at the Melbourne Regent Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies defiled all that was good about The Phantom of the Opera in a visually spectacular and mesmerizing stage musical. Set 10 years after the Paris Opera house tragedy, the Phantom has set up an amusement park on New York's Coney Island and attempts to lure Christine Daaé there to perform when she comes to America with her husband and child. The story is garbage and grotesquely distorts the original characters from Phantom (particularly Raoul and Meg). Yet the stage designs and costumes are a visual marvel. And the choreography is extraordinary, and has a lot of energy and emotion to it. Additionally, director Brett Sullivan does an excellent job at capturing the grandeur of the production while also focusing in on the performances. Plus, Webber's music is just incredible, with a tragic beauty to it that's remarkably compelling. As a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies is appalling, but from a production standpoint it's a fantastical sight to behold.
January 3, 2016
The plot is not awesome and I miss the old actors but the singing is amazing and the song "Beauty Underneath" is one of the best Andrew Lloyd Weber songs I have ever heard. Jack Lytall if that is his name, the little boy who they don't even list below has an extraordinary voice talent. It will be interesting to see how long he can hit those high notes!
½ July 5, 2015
A twisted sequel to the well known classic. A few of the songs stuck to the original musical style as the first, others were ridiculous. The characters have become distorted from what we had originally known.
June 19, 2014
Put off watching this sequel for a long time as i was not thrilled with where the plot went. Upon watching it I fell in love with everything about this movie from the plot, to the stage setup, the music and the acting. Ben Lewis and Anna O'byrne make a amazing older Phantom and Christine. I will admit the music isn't as good as the first movie but still is great in its own right.
June 8, 2014
love it ,but ending is sad
April 5, 2014
Absolutely Fabulous!! The Aussie's are the best! They captured and expressed the passion that we have for the Phantom and took it to the next level.
April 1, 2014
Sometimes it's nice to watch something different.

Although it was interesting to watch this for it's spectacle and design, unfortunately the source material is not that strong. Compared to the classic 'Phantom' score, this does fail in comparison. it is a much slower, and duller, style of music, that left everything feeling a little long-winded.

There are nice moments, but as a whole it is all a little silly, and over the top. The singing is top notch, and some numbers are good, but the story is thin, and it's just not that good for the sequel to 'The Phantom of The Opera'.

The show is spectacular, and definitely improves as it goes on, but it takes a while. The ending feels a little forced, and overly dramatic. More of a forced tragedy, than an actual one.

An achievement on the technical side, but it is lacking in others.
December 31, 2013
The thing is, I am never a true musical lover, perhaps.
That said, I found the story is so cheesy & corny, in addition to the unappealing numbers, with the not so outstanding cast performance.
And, why turning Raoul into a villan?!!! Jeeeeez...
September 29, 2013
Better than phantom, this is a must watch!
August 11, 2013
Not as good as the original Phantom, but still a pretty good sequel.
½ July 8, 2013
Simply a great sequel to the original Phantom. The story of the film just makes many sudden turns in how your disposition is of each character. One minute you could believe one thing about the characters, then another the next. The plot is a great way to really change the ballgame and make you really dive deep into it's predecessor and think about how everything occurred. The musical performances are astounding and filled with emotion. Ben Lewis has a voice that really digs into you, an reminds me of a fusion of Gerard Butler and Ramin Karimloo. His vowels are so sound, and long notes are so crisp, but contains a large amount of emotion and strong lyric. Christine was played well also, where the singing is good, I was felt wanting more firmness from each note. While the performances were great, I felt the setting of Coney Island was a bit confusing. Also, some of the tunes Andrew Lloyd Webber (while a musical genius) I felt were a bit too campy for the franchise, as you have to keep seriousness throughout the story, not drift back and forth. I understand it is Coney Island, but it's Phantom. It's not a musically fun story so to speak. Overall, "Love Never Dies" is a more than satisfying sequel to the breathtaking original, which will certainly feed all Phantom fans' hunger for more of the musical love triangle.
June 27, 2013
This film is a gorgeous spectacle that is executed flawlessly. The vocals are magnificent and the acting is supreme. 5 out of 5 stars!!
June 21, 2013
neither does the story nor the music work.
May 15, 2013
Music written by A L Weber is not so bad but the story was such a mess. Raoul was nothing but a stupid fellow in it.
May 1, 2013
Amazing film, definitely a must see!!!
April 18, 2013
This is certainly worth a watch but doesn't stand up too well to close examination. Most of the music, especially Beneath a Moonless Sky, is very strong, but the story is at times ridiculous, with the relocation of The Phantom to Coney Island never feeling a comfortable fit. Taken as a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera it's weak, but judged as a stand alone piece it's an entertaining spectacle.
April 12, 2013
Not impressed with the score or the storyline. There wasn't much distinction between songs, except for a couple. Christine and Gustave are very talented though, and the set design and costumes were well done.
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