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September 13, 2013
Fun. Two late greats just talking about life.
March 18, 2013
I love Andy Kaufman. This "movie" or kinda mockumentary experiment plays off so well because it's real! Kaufman and Blassie just sit down at a restaurant and order some food and talk and talk. This works so well because of the type of person Andy Kaufman was and how he would approach things normal people wouldn't find funny and made them....well, funny.
October 4, 2012
Thoroughly enjoyed this.
Super Reviewer
April 5, 2010
Andy Kaufman and veteran wrestler Fred Blassie have breakfast at Sambo's, encountering a few belligerent fans in the process who -- in typical Kaufman style -- turn out to be part of the joke. It's hard to know exactly what's real and what isn't (are Kaufman and Blassie really so germ-phobic?) but in any case, the action is more about showcasing Blassie than Kaufman. Blassie gets most of the best lines ("That's another one we're gonna have to feed on welfare"), and his anecdotes and gruff wit are this low-budget video's chief virtues.
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