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November 19, 2009
Just like the 2nd Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of my favorite seasons, so is this one. This season Angel really comes into its own and we get to really know who Angel/Angelus really is. We even get a new incarnation; the emotionless, somewhat evil Angel. Also this season Darla has returned, but under what circumstances and how does that effect Angel? We get very few crossovers this time around, which in retrospect is good and we begin to get a season long story arc that leads into the 3rd Season.

As an overall Season rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Now onto the episode reviews:
EPISODE 1: Judgment
After the fantastic season finale I expected a better Season 2 premiere, but hey its still not a bad episode. We still get a great story, great fight scenes, comedic moments and a nice cameo from Eliza Dushku. Justina Machado plays Jo a pregnant woman, whose baby is said to be important in the future and is in need of a champion to ensure the babies survival. Angel not realising the demon who is with her was protecting her, kills the demon and takes it upon himself to be her new champion, even with her disproval. Justina Machado does a great job in her role, she adds a bit of dimension to the plot. Andy Hallett also makes his first appearance on the series as The Host(later Lorne), an empath like demon, who owns a demon/human safe haven karioke bar called Caritas. This role will get much bigger later on, but Andy does a terrific job with the role.
4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 2: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
AMAZING episode, this would have served better as the premiere, but you know what 2nd episode is just fine. Here we get another flashback episode with Angel in the 50's, still very much withdrawn from people(its not revealed until the fourth season as to what triggers Angel to resort to a rat feeder by the time Whistler meets him in the flashback of The Beginning part 1 of Buffy Season 2). The sets are incredible and the story is great, I just love getting the hint that even Angel with a soul can turn his back on mankind in a way that is close to a human like dark side. We get the first appearance of the new headquarters of Angel Investigations. One scene in particular is an incredible piece of acting. The scene is where Angel discover an aged version of Judy(played Young by Melissa Marsalla and Old by Eve Segall)and he takes another step in his entonement as he realises that she blamed herself for his death and condemned herself into the room where she stayed in the 1950's. The scene is very emotional and the score is just incredible. Definitely see this episode 5 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 3: First Impressions
Decent enough episode does help to begin the seasons story arc. We have a few storylines going on here, first we have Cordelia having a vision of Gunn fighting for his life and her need to protect him from himself. Than we have Angel having deep erotic dreams about Darla and how it begins to really take a toll on his day to day activities. Also Gunn first comes to Angel Investigations for assistance in fibding a demon that is harassing someone he knows and the gang go to help with little success. All these storylines are fine, but its the Angel storyline that really sparks my interest and it pays off later in the season. 3 out og 5 stars.

EPISODE 4: Untouched
Great episode, while Angel is still having the dreams about Darla, Cordelia gets a vision of a woman in trouble, however it is discovered that she is the dangerous one. Not because she's evil, but because she can't handle her telekinesis. Daisy McCrackin plays Bethany, an emotionally charged woman with a past she wants to forget. Daisy McCrackin does a great job in the role and you really feel sorry for her. She really helps make you believe she's so untouched with reality, hence the name of the episode. The scene when she is confronted by her father is very powerful, if you are not engaged in the story during this scene than I don't know what would engage you. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 5: Dear Boy
Here we are another 5 stars episode. Here we get to understand more on the background of Angelus and Darla, but also Drucilla, as this episode shows us how Angelus drove her insane and than turned her. Meanwhile the story taking place in the present has Angel finally seeing Darla in the present and trying to figure out what is going on, espacially since she says she is not Darla and can go into the sunlight. Thus Angel's spiral into madness begins. Terrific example of how properly developed characters can work so well. Julie Landau is so great as Drucilla and of course Julie Benz never EVER fails to entertain as Darla, not even in the unaired pilot of Buffy. 5 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 6: Guise Will Be Guise
Fun episode to watch, here we finally get to see Wesley develop into his own respectable character. This episode's significance is the fact that Wesley has to impersonate Angel, while Angel is on a retreat of sorts and gains a bit of confidence. Angel is also seen at a cabin getting taught how to control himself and his dreams, not realising that its all a ruse to keep him from another mission. Brigid Brannagh guest stars as Virginia Bryce, the young woman Wesley is assigned to protect and begins a relationship with. I enjoyed this character and would have liked to see continue into further episodes, she only appears in about 3 episodes, before breaking it off with Wesley, out of fear because of his risk taking job. 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 7: Darla
{Flashback Crossover with Buffy Season 5 episode "Fool For Love"}
Great episode, here we really get to know more about Darla and how she ended up a vampire in the first place. Mark Metcalf reprises his role as The Master from the first season of Buffy and doesn't seem to have missed a beat. James Marster also appears here as William The Bloody/Spike in the early days of him being a vampire and we see that Darla, although disgusted with Angel's soul does still try to get the gypsy's to relinquish the curse and bring Angelus back. The present time story is equally as engaging as Darla, human and she wants Angel to sire her(as planned by Wolfram & Hart) and when he refuses, she goes off to find a way to become a vampire again and Angel's attempts to save her. The stories shown here and through Spikes POV in the Buffy episode are woven together nicely and helps to really understand each character even better. 5 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 8: The Shroud of Rahmon
Taking a break from the story arc can sometimes be good, espacially when we are still early on in the season. Here is no different. While Angel is still concerned with Darla he decides to take on a case in which Angel under the guise of a Hollywood like vampire and Gunn under the guise of his cousin go undercover with a couple of demons to steal a shroud that causes those around it to go insane. The story is told in a CSI type of way, with the episode opening up with Wesley being interrogated by the police over the possible death of Kate and a security officer. I thought that while the episode wasn't intriguing the setup of the episode was done quite nicely. I'm also a fan of Kate's character and enjoyed seeing her again. Tony Todd also guest stars as a demon and does a fine job. Take a look 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 9: The Trial
Let's get right back into the story arc of the season and have some fun. This episode is another great one, Angel finally discovers a way to save Darla's life and soul, without her being made into a vampire through a series of trials(most likely the same ones Spike went through to get his soul back)and go through with them. Meanwhile we also get another flashback story involving Angelus, Darla and Drucilla running from Holtz, a vampire hunter from the 1700's, who will play a bigger part in Season 3. The stories are again very interesting and as always the flashback story is great to watch. The struggle we see Darla go through as she struggles between life and death and undeath are impressive. Its also fun to see Juliet Landau as Drucilla. 5 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 10: Reunion
Can you say Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, well this is what is going on here a little. Drucilla, who was sired by Angelus, who was sired by Darla, sires Darla. This makes Drucilla Darla's vampire granddaughter and mother. Okay, got that straight, lol. This episode really triggers some fun events later on on as Angel goes back to being a hard ass loner(similar to his way in the 2nd episode of thise season when he is betrayed by the human he was trying to help). Darla and Drucilla work so well together and its fun to finally see them together in the present, rather than just in the past. They cause such mayhem those two. The humans at Wolfram & Hart finally see that their evil comes back to bite them in the neck. First we get Angel trying his hardest to make sure Darla doesn't reawaken as a vampire, but is thwarted by Drucilla, than when its too late he leaves it up to Darla and Drucilla to take care of Wolfram & Hart, thus beginning his crusade to bring the evil lawfirm down. I enjoyed this episode very much, it feature several good scenes and a great twist ending. 5 out of stars

EPISODE 11: Redefinition
{Continues into Buffy Season 5 episode "Crush"}
Another fine episode, Angel finally goes into deep cold hearted mode as he is determine to make himself ready, willing & able to do what is necessary to end Darla and Drucilla forever. Meanwhile Darla and Drucilla attempt to recruit more demons as they decide they want to stay with Wolfram & Hart(hence why Lindsay and Lilah were left alive). I enjoyed this episode thoroughly, each moment you have no idea what will happen. The ending is also quite amazing to watch, even Darla doesn't know who Angel is anymore and is worried. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 12: Blood Money
{Continues somewhat from Buffy Season 3 episode "Anne"}
Okay episode after half the story arc of the season has finished. Here we get to see Angel's continuing crusade against Wolfram & Hart, even at the expense of a shelter owned by them, but operated by nice girl Anne(who originally came onto Buffy on the S2 episode "Lie to Me" as Chanterelle and than on S3 episode of Buffy as Lily, than taking Buffy's alias of Anne), who believes that W&H are saints for financing the shelter. Angel hasn't yet become fully cold hearted as he does still care for the welfare of human life, but he still doesn't care if he hurts their feelings and will do what he need to to bring W&H down. 4 out of 5 stars.
{Note: you don't have to see the S3 Buffy episode to understand this episode}

EPISODE 13: Happy Anniversary
Fairly okay episode decides to bring The Host/Lorne in as a main focus. Angel this time is recruited by The Host to help discover why a College physicist showed the end of the world when The Host read him. Meanwhile the new Angel Investigations have finally managed to snag their first client, thanks to Virginia Bryce, Wesley's girlfriend. Angel is shown in this episode to be cooling down a bit, he is no longer fully cold hearted and shows a bit of compassion for what he has done to his friends. But he still doesn't have the strength or guilt enough to ask for forgiveness. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 14: Thin Dead Line
Sperate stories intertwine with this average episode. We do get the return of Kate, which is always nice, this time around she is even more down and out from the rest of the LAPD and in danger of losing her job. Angel and Angel Inverstigations are both told of a problem that has been going on about police officers who are taking extremely violent actions towards the teens from Anne's shelter. As Angel searches for answers Angel Investigations, mainly Gunn and Wesley decide to go undercover with a couple of Gunn's old vampire crew to draw out the officers and catch them being brutal towards the teens. I do enjoy this episode, it could have been better, but its good for what it is. We also get a small case that will become a bit bigger in a later episode. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 15: Reprise
Angel's crusade to stop W&H comes to a head, as he has an opportunity to stop them once and for all, however the news he finds out is one that will send him even more over the edge. Angel Investigations manages to solve their case and are stiffed by the people, they also have a run in with Angel, which really explores more on Angel's decent into being completely disconnected and Kate is fired from the police force and spirals completely out of it. All these storylines and the episode still manages to grip my attention. I enjoyed the scene between Angel and the deceased Holland Manners in the elevator and revelation that turns Angel completely to the dark side(at least for the night). The Angel Investigations story is a bit dumb, but comes into play in the next episode. Check this episode out for more on the season's story arc. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 16: Epiphany
Well the story arc comes to an end with this episode, showing that Angel has finally realised his mistakes and the consequences that will happen because of them and is now determine to make amends for it all. This episode as well as the final scene in the previous episode is also a setup for the 3rd Season's story arc. I thought this episode fell a bit flat, compared to the others, but that doesn't mean this episode was bad. The episode mostly showcases Angel apologizing and explaining why he has returned to regain the trust and forgiveness of his friends. The sad part on this episode is that this is the last appearance of Kate, but its nice to see that Kate has also learned forgiveness of Angel. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 17: Disharmony
{Harmony Story Continues from Buffy Season 5 episode "Crush"}
{Continues from Buffy Season 5 episode "Forever"}
Hilarious episode, Harmony comes into LA, with Cordelia having no idea of her recent vampiric change and attempts to fit in as a good vampire with Angel Investigations. The episode of Buffy that this episode follows isn't necessarily a crossover, but the events of that episode drives Harmony to come to LA. In this episode both Angel and Harmony are trying to earn the trust of their old friends(Angel with the team and Harmony with Cordelia), so perhaps the message is giving someone another chance to prove themselves. Certainly an episode worth watching, however its not significant to the overall series. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 18: Dead End
Great episode which focuses on Lindsay McDonald and his morality. Here Lindsay is portrayed as an everyday type of guy with a good job, but no real purpose. His job gives him a new hand to replace the prostetic one, but soon realises that the hand is cursed from that of another employee. When Lindsay finds out how far W&H have gone(with the help of Angel, thanks to The Host)he decides to retire from W&H and find his true purpose. Just reading that description of the episode should really make you want to watch it. Although, Lindsay will return, it won't be for two seasons. Check it out 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 19: Belonging
Ehhh what can I say about this episode? It's not the best, but it isn't a terrible episode either. This episode does come into play with not only giving The Host the name Lorne, but introducing Fred in a vision and setting up the season 2 finale in Pylea. The episode itself is just one of those "action of the week" episodes, with a continuing ending. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 20: Over the Rainbow
Well upon first viewing of this 2nd part of a 4 parter season finale, the episode is interesting. However, with the season's tone being so dark, its kind of a complete 180 from what the season has shown. It does introduce Fred as a person and not a vision, where Lorne comes from and Angel in a world where he can be in the sunlight. The fight scenes are ok, but we do mostly get exposition. I guess they wanted to save a majority of the fight scenes in the final part.
3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 21: Through the Looking Glass
Well the Season Finale Arc is still continuing, Angel and the others are still trapped in Pylea and Cordelia has been made into a Queen, thanks to her visions. Groo(played great by Mark Lutz) is introduced as Cordelia's mate partner and we see a new side of Angel vampire side. Okay episode, by this time the story has been worn thin and tiresome, doesn't mean too much that the episode is awful, but this is probably the weakest of the 4 parter. Still Groo, who is introduced will become a nice addition, even for a short time in S3.
3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 22: There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
{Ending crossover continues from Buffy Season 5 episode "The Gift"}
This season finale is not my favorite, I do enjoy the episode and have watched it several times, but considering how epic the first season finale was and how epic the Season 2 arc has been, its quite disappointing to see this. However, I still recommend it to any fans. 3 out of 5 stars.

I definitely recommend this season to all those who are fans of Joss Whedon and this world. The special features are decent enough, mainly just the commentaries.
½ October 1, 2009
Angel is back for another year. I love this series. I gets better and better.
January 3, 2009
Season 2 marked a quick recovery and is when the show was finally able to stand on it's own feet.

While the episodic episodes were still not too great, the show finally began to develop it's characters and had more of a recurring storyline.

Wolfram & Hart began to have a much larger role and it worked for the show, as the two vamp-villains (Darla & Dru) teamed up to make it even more explosive.

Cordelia, Wesley and new-comer Gunn on the other hand seemed to drag a little up until the Pylea-arc.

My rating for the episodes:
Judgment - 6/10
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been - 9/10
First Impressions - 6/10
Untouched - 6/10
Dear Boy - 8/10
Guise Will Be Guise - 6/10
Darla - 10/10
The Shroud Of Rahmon - 6/10
The Trial - 10/10
Reunion - 8/10
Redefinition - 9/10
Blood Money - 6/10
Happy Anniversary - 6/10
The Thin Dead Line - 7/10
Reprise - 10/10
Epiphany - 8/10
Disharmony - 6/10
Dead End - 9/10
Belonging - 6/10
Over The Rainbow - 7/10
Through The Looking Glass - 8/10
There's No Place Like Plrzt Glrb - 7/10
½ January 5, 2008
Angel started off rated as a strong 7 in season one, but got a little worse each season for seasons two and three. The writing got less creative, and more cheesy, the villains were lame, the characters were hollow and lacked depth, there were very few appearances or mention of characters from Buffy's world (due to Buffy moving to a different channel, the writers were told not to mention things from Buffy)... But, by the time season 4 rolls around, things get a little more interesting. Angelus appears, Wesley's character gets a lot more interesting, the plots get a lot more creative and suspenseful, a demon crawls out of the center of the earth, a character from Firefly shows up, and things get pretty crazy. Overall, the show is ok and entertaining, but its no Buffy.

The Office, on the other hand, is the best sitcom ever aired. Rarely am I entertained by comedies, but this show has great laughs, great characters, sad parts, romance, and very creative, witty writing. Its even better than Arrested Development.
June 26, 2007
it's angel...what else needs to be said?
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