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½ November 20, 2009
Season 3 of Angel continues to amaze and entertain with it stylish action, great set pieces, wonderful stories and adult themed drama. Season 2 is one of my favorite seasons and this season just manages to feed off that powerful season. Darla's back, along with Cordelia, Lorne, Gunn, Fred, Groo and Holtz, a character only briefly mentioned last season. Stay tuned for a darker than ever ride. No more jokes are going to be seen and no more crossovers(just references).
4 out of 5 stars overall season rating.

Episode Reviews:

EPISODE 1: Heartthrob
{Season Opening and references made are a result of Buffy Season 5 episode "The Gift"}
Great way to start the season. I love how the writers manage to just pick the audience right up and into the action. Here we get to find out that Angelus and Darla had two other vampire traveling partners(besides Spike and Drucilla)and they were in love more than any other vampire couple could thought could be in love. We also find out more about this Holtz character and finally get to see him as he pursues them. The drama set forth in this episode is driven by the question for all nthose who have lost their true love, "How do you go on living? " Angel and James (played sympathetically by Ron Melendez)both have the same question going on in their mind. By the end of the episode their answers are revealed and they take the action to die or move on. The fight scene is great to watch too. We also get one of the most mind boggling endings of all, Darla pregnant!!! Great way to start this episode review
4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 2: That Vision Thing
Mostly this episode deals with Angel's struggle to help Cordelia get help and discover who is hurting her, but its also a major Cordelia story. We even get the first appearance of our buddy Skip, the demon, who Angel has to fight to free a condemned man from a hell cage. One of my favorite scenes(besides Angel's and Skip's conversation before fighting and the fight)is when Cordelia is wondering why she is going through the pain and talks with Angel about it. Both show considerable acting ability in this scene. Watch it....4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 3: That Old Gang Of Mine
Incredible episode definitely has an underlining morality story here about racism and tolerance and understanding. Gunn's old crew have taken the fight against evil to an extent that Gunn is unsure of is right or wrong. They are killing, just because a person is a demon, not for any evil acts(as we have seen in Buffy, some demons are good and quite friendly, just like every other race) and Angel and Co. are attempting to figure out who is doing the slayings, not knowing that Gunn knows. This ends up leading into Caritas and the first of 2 times Lorne's establishment is destroyed. The acting in the episode is great and you really have moments of wonder about the characters. There is a scene with a baby eating demon, should he be killed because its in his nature(even though he hasn't recently done anything wrong)or not? e also get to see a side of Fred that foreshadows her abilities later on. 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 4: Carpe Diem
{Ending Revelation Continues into Buffy/Angel novel "Reunion"}
Interesting episode, Smallville has also done this story and so has Xena. But the episode is still effective, with Lilah finally lowering her defensive for the first time(and certainly not the last)in an erotic scene. Other than the Lilah is defenseless scene, there is no arc significance, but still a watchable episode. The ending of the episode reveals that Buffy has been revived and they wind up getting together offscreen, but in a novel by Jane Espenson called "Reunion" check it out. This meeting is also referenced in a Buffy Season 6 episode. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 5: Fredless
Fun episode features the appearance of Fred's parent, who have recently discovered that Fred is alive and well after her abduction into Pylea for five years. The emotion of the episode varied as most of the season is much darker than S2 was this features one of the last times that any comedic goings ons happen. Fred's breakdown in the episode is a milestone for actress Amy Acker, who by this time has not shown that range of emotion yet. Fred's parents are played great and really fun to watch. Certainly an episode not to miss. We also get to see how well Fred is as a part of the team. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 6: Billy
Continuing from the episode entitled "That Vision Thing" Billy, the person Angel freed to help Cordelia fron get the physical visions has begun to struck. The episode really showcases how mature Cordelia has become since Doyle gave her the visions. Actor Justin Shilton really plays the role of Billy very eerily. There is no emotion coming from this character, so much so that even Lilah steps up too him. 3 ouf 5 stars.

EPISODE 7: Offspring
Here's the episode that establishes the Season Story arc, for a few episodes now we have been getting small hints at what was going on and now we will begin to find out full information. Julie Benz returns as the pregnant vampire Darla and a new emotion is shown. I thought Benz did an amazing job at completing this characters role in this story arc(although she does appear in Season 4 as a spirit). She mixes the emotion of a hormonal pregnant woman about to give birth with the emotion of a soulless vampire, who is confused and it works well. We also get to see more of Darla and Angelus crusade with Holtz in the 1700's. This is always great to watch, I would have never been against having a spin-off of Angelus' reign of terror, it would have been different, but fun. 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 8: Quickening
Continuing from the previous episode, we get to see more of the history Darla and Angelus had with Holtz, especially the night that gave Holtz a reason to chase after them for so long. Also we discover the reason that Darla is feeling so many different emotions. Great episode, with each characters background extremely developed very well. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 9: Lullaby
Now with Angel finally knowing of Holtz' arrival and knowing that he will stop at nothing to eliminate him and Darla and the baby, Angel has to find sanctuary for Darla. Darla now knowing that she has a temporary soul, thanks to the baby is feeling some great pain in knowing that she will have no memory of ever loving the child and will most likely kill the baby. This scene is very well done, Benz acting here is powerful and definitely makes me feel for her each time I watch it. We also get to see a really powerful flashback in which Darla and Angelus are shown to be responsible for Holtz' obsession with them by killing his family and forcing him to kill his daughter, since she was made a vampire. The scene in which Holtz tosses his daughter in the sunlight is quick, but still powerful and you can really feel the pain and anger Holtz is feeling. We also get one of the most powerful sacrifices in the Angel series. 5 out of 5 stars

By this time we can all see that each episode continues like a soap opera into another episode, so brace yourself for sitting at that TV for a few hours. The reality of Angel holding his son is immediately felt by him as he doesn't lt nyone hold the new baby, not even his friends. Meanwhile, new enemies and references to old enemies are being said to be coming to the hotel to kill or worship the child as no one knows of his destiny, but just knows he's important. We also get to see more of Sajhan and Holtz interact after Holtz allowed Angel to get away. Holtz begins a new plan to recruit those who have lost and train them to help get his revenge on Angel. All these stories will come to pass in a great way soon, just keep watching. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 11: Birthday
Well here is a great way to just step back from the arc and introduce another element that will come into play later on. Cordelia ends up in a coma after a vision causes her to severely hit her head and she is visited by Skip as a demon guide to a world in which she is a successful TV actress, having never run into Angel in the first, thus never getting the visions by Doyle. What's great about this episode is the fact that even though each character's destiny was changed they still managed to find themselves. Cordelia is even bought back to being her ditzy Sunnydale self, but still decides to go help someone she has never met, just because of a feeling she gets. I also enjoyed seeing Wesley in this episode, the version of the character we see here is a foreshadow of the Wesley that will come to pass in S4. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 12: Provider
Great episode, just another weekly episode, where we get little to no story from the arc in it. Here we find Angel doing what any good newly made father would do, trying to earn money the best way they know how too. Angel Investigations is bring overrun by clients after flyers and a new website is made and Angel is estatic, not realising that some people may not be who they say they are or even be able to pay. This sparks a few chuckle moments. We also get to see more from Wesley and Gunn and their growing affection for Fred, who is still oblivious to the feelings. Also Holtz and Justine's relationship gets stronger after a disappointing first test. 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 13: Waiting In the Wings
Another by the week episode features a great scene between Angel and Cordelia as they are posessed by lovers and have to act out the past events and their real feelings develop a bit more. Groo returns by the end of the episode and Cordelias rekindles that episode, which will start a jealousy in Angel. Summer Glau(Firely, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse)cameos in her first acting role as the cursed ballerina and does a fantastic job. The story itself is a bit thin for my taste, but the performances and fight scenes help keep the episode interesting. I especially enjoy the fight scene between the gang and the V For Vendetta fighters. Its also well to note that this also begins Wesley's alienation from the gang after Fred and Gunn begin their relationship. 3 out of stars.

EPISODE 14: Couplet
Probably one of the weakest episodes of the season still manages to show important events to the Angel series. Here Angel is feeling jealous over Groo as he quickly establishes himself as a valuable member of the team, without Angel's weaknesses, but his strengths. Fred and Gunn are also a bit off their game as their realtionship lands them in a very dangerous situation while they are supposed to be on a case. There's more of Wesley trying to disprove the prophecy he has decifered about Angel killing Connor and Cordelia asking Angel to help with her and Groo being able to have a sex life by getting an elixir. Judge for yourself 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 15: Loyalty
Here is where we get more on track with the story arc. Wesley has discovered the signs he needs to watch out for before Angel is set to kill Connor and Holtz begins his attack on Angel by setting them up on a case. Sahjhan is also growing more desperate for Connor's death and continues to talk to both Holtz and W&H's Lilah. Wesley also begind to talk to Holtz in hopes of reasoning with him. Interesting enough episode, this episodes real place is that it helps to continue the story after a few episodes away from it. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 16: Sleep Tight
The arc continues here in this episode. Angel discovered some horrifying news about the blood he's been drinking. Wesley is pushed to the brink and must committ the ultimate betrayel and Sahjhan get his wish, getting rid of Connor(which in turn is also Holtz wish). This episode really shows how dark and seperate the series has come away from Buffy. You should watch this episode to continue with the arc. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 17: Forgiving
Despite the title of the episode, there is no forgiving going on in this episode. Angel begins to once again conspire vengeance on W&H, but this time over the loss of Connor. Fred and Gunn are now doing their best to find Wesley before Angel does. This episode is another one of those episodes you can just sit back and enjoy. It's really fun to see ANGEL lose control of his moral. The most shocking scene for me and one that you really need to see for yourself is at the end when Angel loses complete control. Check it out for yourself. 4 out o 5 stars.

EPISODE 18: Double Or Nothing
Another episode that is just one of those weekly episodes. Here we get to see more into Gunn's background. To me this really didn't strike me as interesting as watching someone else's backstory. Although, it is nice to see the hardcore Gunn again. Also we see Wesley alone and angry at what has happened to his friendship with everyone. The one thing that did interest me was when Angel bets his and Gunns soul to the demon that Gunn owes. Now if he would have lost, does that mean Angelus would have been released? The scene between Gunn and Fred in the outside diner was very heartfelt as Gunn was trying to sever his relationship, because of his prior commitment. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 19: The Price
The consequences for Angel's actions when he tried to open a portal to get Connor is finally revealed. The pentagram that still looms on the floor of the hotel begins to spit out these sluglike beings and now Angel and Co. We do get the opportunity to find out about Cordelia's demon powers. Wesley is shown to have completely disconnected from everyone. When Gunn comes over to ask for help, its not until he here's Fred's in trouble does he tell him how to stop the slugs. We also first get to see Connor as a teenager. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 20: A New World
Great opening to an episode, get straight into the kick ass action. After a few minutes of ass kicking, Connor runs out and is about to experience the hell of our a big way. This episode tends to tread heavily in the real world hell, as we are basically seeing Connor, who has lived in a hell dimension since being a baby, thrust into the worse parts of LA and even when he finds a semblance of kindness it is taken away quickly by death. This episode is a sad one, since we really do know that Connor is just completely loss and has no idea where he is or what he can do. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE 21: Benediction
This was a far better episode than the previous two and helps to kick up the gears of the series again. Connor and Angel have finally managed to find a common ground and with Holtz back in the picture he sees this as well. Connor still very loyal to Holtz gets worried when he realises Holtz knows of his newfound enjoyment of being around Angel. I enjoyed this episode very much because of Holtz development. The featurettes claims that Holtz ultimate revenge was that he would use love to destroy Angel, but in my opinion that is not true. Holtz has finally come to realise that the creature who killed his family was gone and that Angel was an ally. Like Callisto on Xena went from a vengeance seeker to an atonement seeker, so did Holtz. It was Justine who manipulated the later events. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE 22: Tomorrow
Great season finale, definitely kept with the tone of the season and had a kick ass cliffhanger. We find out that Angel and Cordelia are both in love with each other, but are unable to tell each other. Connor decides to take his revenge in a way that is sicker than anything Holtz could ever do and we get some great action scenes. What more can you ask for? Skip is back too. 4 out of 5 stars.
½ October 1, 2009
The crime fighting, demon slashing, good looking vampire is back for another season. Great!
½ January 3, 2009
In it's third Season, the show managed to get even better.

While the villains fell a little flat at times, because they were not as likeable as other villains. There was so much charisma between the rest of the cast that it just did not matter.

The Angel/Cordelia relationship began to blossom, and it was magic to my eyes. I much preferred them over Angel and Buffy.

The rest of the cast was also great sans Gunn, whom I never truly cared for.
Newbie Fred was adorable but I admit enjoying her the most when she was crazy. it's a shame that she fell into the background once she got saner.

The third Season is when Wesley's character truly came out and became one of television's most fascinating characters of all time. His journey into darkness became legend.

My Season 3 ratings:
Heartthrob - 8/10
That Vision Thing - 7/10
That Old Gang Of Mine - 5/10
Carpe Noctem - 7/10
Fredless - 7/10
Billy - 9/10
Offspring - 7/10
Quickening - 6/10
Lullaby - 8/10
Dad - 6/10
Birthday - 8/10
Provider - 5/10
Waiting In The Wings - 10/10
Couplet - 7/10
Loyalty - 8/10
Sleep Tight - 10/10
Forgiving - 10/10
Double Or Nothing - 6/10
The Price - 8/10
A New World - 10/10
Benediction - 9/10
Tomorrow - 9/10
January 5, 2008
Angel started off rated as a strong 7 in season one, but got a little worse each season for seasons two and three. The writing got less creative, and more cheesy, the villains were lame, the characters were hollow and lacked depth, there were very few appearances or mention of characters from Buffy's world (due to Buffy moving to a different channel, the writers were told not to mention things from Buffy)... But, by the time season 4 rolls around, things get a little more interesting. Angelus appears, Wesley's character gets a lot more interesting, the plots get a lot more creative and suspenseful, a demon crawls out of the center of the earth, a character from Firefly shows up, and things get pretty crazy. Overall, the show is ok and entertaining, but its no Buffy.

The Office, on the other hand, is the best sitcom ever aired. Rarely am I entertained by comedies, but this show has great laughs, great characters, sad parts, romance, and very creative, witty writing. Its even better than Arrested Development.
July 28, 2007
in my opinion, even better than season 2.
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