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The clunky dialogue and shallow characters fail to capitalize upon Angel-A's stunning, poetic cinematography.



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A moralistic tale about a man, Andre, who gets a second chance in life when he meets Angela, a tall, femme fatale whom he saves from a suicide bid in the Seine River. The two spend a memorable summer night in nearly deserted Paris where Angela exposes herself as a true angel, sent down to save Andre from himself.


Jamel Debbouze
as André Moussah
Akim Chir
as Le chef des malfrats #1
Eric Balliet
as Garde du corps Franck
Loic Pora
as Le malfrat #2
Venus Boone
as La mère d'Angela
Jerome Guesdon
as Le malfrat #3
Michel Bellot
as Le planton US
Michel Chesneau
as Le flic commissariat
Olivier Claverie
as Le sécrétaire US
Solange Milhaud
as La femme de Saint-Lazare
Franck-Olivier Bonnet
as Le dernier client
Akim Colour
as Le chef des malfrats #2
Tonio Descanvelle
as Client Angela 2
Grigori Manukov
as Le serveur roumain
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  • Mar 04, 2012
    Not all Luc Besson's movies like me. But this one is great. I laugh like crazy. It's a comedy/drama very good told. it should be remembered as a classic even whe the critics think is so bad. Or may be that I just like corny and funny movies with good FX. Who knows!
    Sergio G Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2010
    Subtract away the beautiful Rie Rasmussen and the beautiful Paris Back drop and this movie is a less engaging “Heaven Can Wait” style movie. But Luc really does Paris up in grand fashion. Rie Rasmussen is surprisingly convincing as an actress up till the end. The plot pivots on Jamel Debboze a small time criminal who’s borrowed allot of money from many different bad guys they all want there money back. He has right arm that is disabled in some way but it is never stated. For this movie to work you have to first feel sorry for him, I didn’t and then you have to believe he can overcome his previous bad acts. I didn’t. Rie Rasmussen is an angel who is sent to save him, but is not allowed to tell him who she is. So….she tells him who she is. At apparently six feet Plus tall she towers over the diminutive Debboze in a let the world be your gynecologist dress and Knock me over and hug me 4 inch stilettos. There are some twist in the plot that are somewhat Douglas Adams-ish, but the end is very unfulfilling. It’s worth a watch and I doubt it will make it to cable so take a look.
    Bill C Super Reviewer
  • Feb 27, 2010
    Weclome return for luc besson being you here a small and nicely crafed movie with to fine performances keeping the story moving.Shoot in Black and white and in paris this as a lot of chram there is'nt much going on but its the two leads that keeps the film alive and very watchable.Recommand to all luc besson fan .
    Brian D Super Reviewer
  • Jan 27, 2010
    André: Who'd be dead if I hadn't saved you? Angel-A: Who'd be dead if there wasn't anyone to save? Luc Besson,makes a story about two people-man and woman-who look so different from each other, just as black and white. She comes from the sky, while he comes from "human's hell", since he's being chased for money he owed, and has nowhere to go. As the movie goes on, the two of them will get closer to each other, just to find out that they were getting closer to...themselves! The film itself is in black and white, so that it allows you to see the contradiction between the two heroes, but in the same time it gives you a sense of mystery-something that it would never happen with a colored film. Though it is a film about love, it shows its real meaning, in a truly artistic way, just as a work of art would speak Both Jamel Debbouze and Rie Rasmussen are perfectly cast and seem to be having a lot of fun playing their respective parts. Every second that Angela is on screen she is so beautiful and captivating that I practically saw her in colour and with André making up the odd couple they are a pleasure to watch. Besson has filmed a Paris that is at the same time both beautiful and real. We see the beauty of Notre Dame, Parisian cafés, the city's bridges, but we also see its ugliness and the difficulty faced by those who do not fit the stereotype of what it means to be French. Anyone who has ever felt like a stranger in their own home will find a kindred spirit in Andre. It is a struggle to fit into a culture and a struggle to value one's self as a part of it. The movie is completely shot in Paris and seems to be one of the most secret projects of French cinema. Honestly, I can't see why, except maybe for a nice plot-twist which is presented to us halfway through the movie and not, as usual, near the end. The plot (don't worry, no spoilers): André is a regular swindler. He lies and cheats all the time and owes money to almost every criminal in Paris. After being beaten and threatened for the umpteenth time, he decides to kill himself by jumping off a bridge. On the verge of committing this act of despair, while standing on a bridge, he looks to the left and sees a girl about to do the same thing. When she jumps, he jumps after her and saves her from drowning. She's so thankful that she offers to do anything he wants while constantly remaining at his side. Suprisedly, she turns out to be a real life-saver by finding a lot of dubious ways to earn money and pay off André's debts. After a while André wants to know why she's doing all these things for him and is curious about her past... Jamel Debbouze (you might know him as the slightly retarded grocer's assistant in LE FABULEUX DESTIN D'AMÉLIE POULAIN) is particularly good as the nervous André. The Dannish Rie Rasmussen, a sexy blond goddess with legs that go all the way, takes a little more time to convince as Angela. However, there is a certain chemistry between the two of them. The other characters are merely caricatured portraits of criminals and gangsters. The story is rather straightforward and relies a lot on funny situations and dialogues. A lot of talking is being done and I must say most of the lines are well-written. Near the end of the movie, unfortunately, Luc Besson goes way over-the-top, making the movie lose a lot of credibility. But then again, it just might be possible that the end could be interpreted in two different ways. And that makes me suspect that Besson likes to play it safe by trying to please as many viewers as possible. Anyway, a very important reason to watch this movie is the atmospheric black & white-photography by cinematographer Thierry Arbogast, who also worked on Besson's previous films. Paris, during autumn, is beautifully transferred to the screen with well-balanced lighting. The movie also has some impressive shots of 'la Tour Eiffel', a cathedral in 'le XVe arrondissement' and the many bridges to be found in Paris. In Paris, the twenty-eight year-old small-time crook André Moussah owes a large amount to powerful bosses of the Parisian underworld and he needs to pay until the next day. His legitimate business with olive oil from Argentina has never succeeded to pay the loans. He seeks protection in the American Consulate and in the French police and finally in despair, he decides to commit suicide jumping from a bridge in the Seine. In the same moment, he sees a beautiful tall woman ready to jump in the water from the same bridge. He jumps in the water and saves her life, and she introduces herself as Angela. They spend the rest of the day and the night together and she provides enough money to him to pay his creditors. Then she confesses that she is a fallen angel assigned to help him to retrieve his self-esteem since he is a good person inside. Sooner André falls in love for her, but Angel-A will retrieve her wings in the end of her journey. André, a small-time ex-convict, seems to owe money to everyone in Paris, including a crime boss who promises to kill him if he doesn't repay him by midnight. After failing to find protection from the American embassy and the French police, a despairing André scrambles onto a bridge over the Seine, intending to leap to his death. He is surprised to see a tall, beautiful girl clinging to a rail on the same bridge, apparently preparing to end her life as well. She jumps, and he jumps too, suddenly resolving to save her life. After scrambling ashore, she tells him her name is Angel-A. Together, they take a cruise on the Seine, repay André's creditors, visit a Parisian nightspot, and more, as Angel-A helps André. He learns that for this purpose she has fallen out of the sky and into his life. André finds himself falling in love with this mysterious beauty. A beautiful woman helps an inept scam artist get his game together. Andre has just returned to Paris in the hope of making some easy money, give up his life of petty crime, and start his life over as an honest man in America. In Paris for only a few hours, Andre finds himself dangling high over the edge of the Eiffel Tower, begging for his life from a man he hoped never to see again. With his underworld dealing catching him up, Andre is given 24 hours to find 20,000 Euros to pay off his debts and save his life. Frantically trying to find ways to avoid certain death, Andre turns to the police begging them to place him safely behind bars for a couple of nights. They laugh at his pathetic attempt and throw him to the streets. Andre is left with nowhere to turn and with his deadline fast approaching, he despairingly climbs onto the ledge of a bridge and gathers the resolve to jump into the river. But, he is not alone. Beside him, a beautiful and mysterious woman is a moment away from throwing herself into the Seine. Despite Andres attempts to persuade the woman to climb back over the railing, she lets go and jumps into the water. A split second later, he too jumps into the water. With much effort, he hauls her limp soaked body to the shore and tries to coax her back to life. Sitting alone on the quay with a lifeless woman in his arms and hit men on his tail, Andre desperately hopes for a miracle. About to give up on the mysterious woman, Andre is relieved when she finally opens her eyes. Her name is Angela. As a thanks for being saved, Angela pledges her life to Andre, doing anything and everything she can to help him. Confused as to why such a gorgeous woman should want to help him, Andre is skeptical. Only when she delivers the money he so desperately needs does he begin to trust her and agree to let her help. Although Angela helps him to get the money he needs, Andre begins to think she may have an ulterior motive. Why else would such a beautiful woman help someone like him? Angela is not just helping Andre to find money, she is also helping him to find the courage to see the good deep inside himself, and for the first time, he actually believes there might be some good to be found. And Andre, who has never been a hero, must believe he can stand up for himself in order to convince Angela, the woman who he has fallen madly in love with, to give up everything to be with him.
    Sergio E Super Reviewer

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