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April 17, 2018
A Story You Can Learn A lot From Showing That Were All Diffrent and that no one is normal.
½ February 28, 2018
exceedingly caucasian
June 15, 2016
Pretty sure that this movie is only remembered because of J.A.R (Jason Andrew Relva) by Green Day
February 3, 2016
Definitely could've been better.
December 26, 2015
This is a good film. While it follows the family fun structure, it still holds its own today. It has a central character into science and dealing with weight issues. The commentary on difference is standard, but the commentary on weight is impressive, expanding beyond the main character and into issues that still pervade our culture today. It's also funny, charming, and has a great soundtrack, including Green Day's J.A.R.
January 31, 2015
A sweet, little gem of a teenage comedy.
August 5, 2014
(First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
June 29, 2014
Should be a required viewing for middle school kids
May 27, 2014
June 28, 2013
I like Angus, especially the ending.
March 1, 2013
Should've called this movie ME!!! I'm not as big as the kid, but my life in high school was just as pathetic. I will never understand why this movie got no love. It's one of my favorites and I WISH someone would put out a DVD or Blu-Ray already!

Talbert is quite good and Owen is the comedy relief as his buddy. Richards is gorgeous in this and is the girl all geeks like me wanted in High School. I believe this was Scott's last film too and he's very good as the Grandpa.
Van Der Beek, yes Dawson's Creek himself, is such a great bully too. You'll probably want to pop him in the face a half dozen times.

There is a few very sad scenes in there too, and the soundtrack is FANTASTIC!!!!
February 11, 2013
So good! A must see!
½ January 22, 2013
I thought this was "Tommy Boy" for kids before I saw it. It's not, but it has a lot of heart.
November 19, 2012
This one is about a overweight high schooler who has loved a girl since they were little. And he gets bullied by the quarterback of the high school football team which also sets a prank up where angus has to dance with her at the high school dance. The movie wasn't too bad it has a decent story and was acted out well. It was a enjoyable movie but I think it is one of those where you only feel like watching it once or you're bored and gave nothing else to do.
August 3, 2012
Movie with Heart, compasion and estrange humor.
When Angus is outcast because of his weight he's constantly the butt of jokes. His bestfriend is like a turtle hiding under his shell when hell breaks loose. Angus is a dreamer and inspires us all to stand up for what you are, People can truly be cruel Angus welcomes us to his life. This movie really is about skin deep personalitys.
½ July 20, 2012
Ordinary story of teenage angst, although this one is not as over-the-top as some other family oriented movies.
June 26, 2012
Classic mid-1990s high school feel, complete with a great mid-90s soundtrack and a great cast of actors both young and old. I think I'd probably give it a 3.5 but the nostalgia factor kicks it up a notch. :)
½ May 8, 2012
I remember it being more awesome when I was 15.
½ April 10, 2012
an old favorite of mine
April 9, 2012
one of the best films i have ever seen
true to life and great its so hard to buy i had to get it on vhs on the internet
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