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September 15, 2013
Shogun quIp lollipop GMT gumbo
girls in shiny and wholesome to school kids gamesL
April 15, 2010
very dr suess inspired , 3 year olds officially love it!
March 28, 2010
I knew we were in for it when a loop of a lion belching was over-dubbed with an opera singer. I didn't think making movies for kids meant you have to resort to such unfunny hacks. My 4 year old wanted to leave 2/3 of the way through, so we did.
June 5, 2009
NO. No no no no no. First off, this movie is not for anyone above 2. It is probably my second least favorite IMAX film that I can think of. And it isn't even shot in IMAX! No, I'm saddled with some 65 mm (insert your own "missing 5 mm" joke here) hackjob who can't even manage to give me crisp and clear backgrounds. Criminey. Some of the cinematography is borderline Bigfoot footage. As to the narration? Sweet sam hill is it awful. We're not talking clever Seussian rhymes here. No. We're talking putrescent, easy, "odder/otter" bull that wouldn't hold anyone's interest after the first five minutes.

Okay, so it isn't for me. What about kids? Nope. You learn -nothing- from this flick. Zilch. They point at a hippo eating leaves and tell you that a hippo eats leaves. They will learn nothing. They will point and laugh, but the idea of rewinding, then fastforwarding, then rewinding footage again and again to make it look like animals are "talking" is not my idea of a documentary.

I don't know what you people would call it, but I call it a lazy, hacked out, pathetic mess. And a waste of my projector's lamp hours. Bite me, Animalopolis. Bite me and your opera singing lions.
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