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April 21, 2016
One of the most disturbing films I've seen possibly, just for its complete restraint in exploring the uncomfortable relationship between these two leads. A lot of art house films of this sort have similar scenes but I feel for shock value, while here, it's extremely purposeful in portraying an empty existence and complete meaningless life to the lead. Undeniably intense. While I feel the ending is too optimistic given the tone of the film overall, this is a highly entertaining sex film in the most twisted way.
January 12, 2016
why are critics praising on this,is beyond me...it's like a grotesque version of 50 shades of grey...and I didn't even bother with that one,so...i don't really know why I watched this one in the first place.dear critics,you have a sick mind.sorry.
½ September 27, 2015
*** my review may contain spoilers ***

Simply disgusting and horrible. Don't even bother unless you want to pull your own teeth or doing root canal without anaesthetic while watching this.

I never wrote a review about any movie ever. If I watch any bad film, I just gonna think (well, wasted 2hrs of my life.. okay lets move on) not this one.

This one is just scarred me for life. I've never been feminist myself but its just simply stupid. its just make me angry with the man and the woman.

Its disgusting, pointless, too much porn action that super unnecessary (ok I watch it one or two actions, cool yeah I got it. no need too much) and BDSM that kind of more cruel. i live in Bangkok where most of the times, I think of how morally depraved and I feel sad of the situation here as in prostitution and any sort of real life problem for people who faced it. the depression, the loneliness, the eager and hope of from a woman who work here, in a soi cowboy or nana plaza, to get a man - who maybe one day actually going to care or fall for her. Or at least know their name. You could smell the sadness from hundred yards away if you live here. but this movie is just...... i don't even understand..... like really.......

Too many pissing scene (as the guy pissed and the woman pissed in toilet) - if I'm into watersport porn or pissing movie - i can just use that keyword in any porn site

I feel so frustrated because i hope in the end of the movie - there will be some sick twisted that make me not so evil by watching this.

But its not. I just feel like I want to shower and pray to Universe and clean myself for what I just watch. I feel I lost my humanity by watching this movie. I don't get any "moral or life lesson or" this is what life nowadays, guys". nope, didn't get that message. zilch. nada.

But then again, thats just my opinion. I realise nobody cares. I just share what i feel now and i feel satisfaction by doing it.

I am sure, for you guys who super smart and understand about humanity and real life, maybe you could gain some lesson and found it interesting.

For me everything is confusing and frustrating, either the girl want to suicide, or she want this guy to kill her, or is she incest and who took her virginity, nothing is answer. nothing. too foggy like pollution in China. if i want to watch or see something that too frustrating - i could just watch politics or real life news everyday, not a film.
May 18, 2015
I can only describe Monica del Carmen's performance as absolutely fearless.
January 19, 2015
A raw, uncompromising portrait of a woman journalist, brilliantly played by Monica Del Carmen, who is riven by isolation, financial insecurity and a sexually abusive past. The direction is masterful and if you like the work of Haneke and Von Trier, you may well find a lot to appreciate here.
September 28, 2014
Sort of weird...S&M gone a little crazy...she should have probably asked an NFL player to off her during sex
½ May 26, 2014
Nothing about Leap Year plays out exactly like you expect, and Rowe prefers to send you home with enigmatic questions instead of clear-cut answers.I say SEE IT!!!
April 28, 2014
Laura es una mujer solitaria. Encuentra comfort mirando a otras parejas a través de su ventana. Por su solitud, tiene aventuras de una noche, y se decepciona cuando no puede encontrar en estos encuentros la intimidad que tanto ansia. Una noche conoce a Arturo, un hombre que muestra interés en ella, y las cosas parecen ir en una buena dirección hasta que todo se complica, y se embarcan en una relación violenta y masoquista.

Esta es una película que transcurre completamente dentro del apartamento de Laura, lo cual fue una decisión inteligente, ya que puedes sentir la claustrofobia y soledad que siente, y esto contribuye a sentir simpatía por su situación. Todo transcurre con una sutileza, que no es fácil de lograr especialmente considerando el tema de la película. No sabemos mucho sobre Laura, sino más adelante cuando nos informan acerca de su pasado, y ls razones por las cuales marcó el día 29 de febrero dentro de su calendario.

Esta historia es intensa, y lidia con temas dolorosos, pero de una manera delicada y nunca se vuelve pesado, sobretodo las escenas donde transcurre la violencia, está dirigida de una manera que es perturbadora, pero que tiene una sensibilidad lograda por la iluminación y posición de la cámara, lo que demuestra lo que puede lograr un director que es capaz. Esta es la primera película del director Michael Rowe, pero no pareciera, ya que tiene la misión de contar una historia, y se compromete con ella hasta el final y en ningún momento titubea. Me impresionó gratamente y espero con ansias sus próximos trabajos.
April 25, 2014
Strange movie, it is a little slow to start and then you end up thinking "WTF?!" Kept me interested that was for sure. Subtitled movie, and lots of sexual images so very inappropriate for children. Not bad.
July 8, 2013
Very depressing, very miserable, very real. Great performance from Monica Del Carmen and it must have cost about 50p to make. Minimal budget film makers take note.
½ February 22, 2013
Año Bisiesto (Leap Year) (Michael Rowe, 2010)

I am willing to admit right up front that some of my problems with this movie come from the fact that I'm really, really uncomfortable with some of the material presented here. When the Netflix description said main character Laura (Babel's Monica del Carmen) gets involved in a sadomasochistic relationship, I figured that was probably the Netflix blurbers' much-storied hyperbole kicking into action, and halfway through the movie, when we get to the kind of butt-smacking that causes women in porn films to exclaim "oh, YEAH!" in THAT voice, I figured my preconceptions were going to be borne out. But oh, how wrong I was, and like I said, I will admit up front that if you are more comfortable with such things, you might find less to criticize here than I did.

But note: I said "might", because the empirical problems with this movie are still there, and they are still mighty.

Plot: Laura is a journalist leading a spectacularly unfulfilling life while keeping up appearances for the folks back home. ("I'm having dinner... I just made steak", she says during a phone conversation to her mother, while scooping beans straight out of the can.) Her love life, in particular, is not giving her anything she needs-it's a series of one-night stands and masturbatory fantasies that leave her no better off than she was before they happened. Until, that is, spurred on by her younger brother (The Ruination of Men's Marco Zapata) finally getting involved in a stable relationship, she decides to go looking for one herself and gets involved with Arturo (Amores Perros' Gustavo Sánchez Parra), who quickly reveals himself to be a brutal, abusive, overly jealous cad of the sort that would have most people fleeing screaming in terror-but Laura seems perfectly fine with it.

It's impossible to watch any sexual-obsession drama from Mexico these days and not compare it to Batalla en el Cielo, Carlos Reygadas' confusing, but accomplished, debut. In short, there is no metric by which you can compare this movie to that one in which this does not fall short. Rowe's faux-cinema-verite camerawork is laughable most of the time, used more as an excuse for crappy lighting and sound more than any artistic pretension (though not to say this movie isn't painfully pretentious). The pace is nonexistent in the first half and glacial in the second, and I say this as a huge fan of such slow-film masters as Ozu, Kieslowski, and Tarr. Simply put, there's nothing here; it's a slice-of-life drama with not enough slice for the S&M fiends and not enough life for anyone else. Half a star because, despite my desperately wanting to, I did not shut it off, persevering to the bitter (and entirely unfulfilling) end. 1/2
½ February 6, 2013
Quite a disturbing movie without much purpose nor rhythm.

Although the character is believable in current life time, the progression of the story is not.
October 6, 2012
Which could have been a short story to tell a very simple but effective idea becomes a long-time of not much going on. The character makes us suffer, but most of the time it is difficult to feel empathy for her, as she is one of this type of woman of few words and less actions which adopt a passive, submissive role most of the time without letting us know anything about her -I understand perfectly that there is people this way, and that is particular of a certain sub-group of people (even more characteristic when you have an idea -never understand it completely, because it is too much subtle- of what has happened to the character in the past, but anyway it does not seem an attractive character for me-. So, much time just to know something we can guess in a certain moment, and not much to expect more. As I said, it could have been good for short-story, maybe talking about other implications, maybe getting deeper, maybe not needing to abuse so much for disgusting scenes. The strategy of making that the movie looks deeper with people which do not talk and movies without actions but sex and violence (even combined) does not usually work for me.
½ August 30, 2012
I hate ChicFlix but this one was pretty good. A wee bit predictable but still enjoyable.
½ August 30, 2012
Ok, this is not a movie about love, is about madness and sex, wild and masochist sex :D aaaaaand i didn't like it cause i can't understand those people, what i loved is that they used ordinary people, if they were beyond sexy it would have been pure porn
½ July 19, 2012
WAY MORE SICKER & F-ed Up than the Human Centipede 1 & 2 and Mysterious Skin combined... WTF did I just watch? Hahahahahaha
July 18, 2012
Film mexicano que nos cuenta las aventuras sexuales de una mujer traumatizada por un acontecimiento que marco a su familia. Laura es una mujer solitaria que trabaja escribiendo desde un ordenador en su casa y se distrae espiando a su vecinos por la ventana. Su unico solaz es seducir a un hombre cada noche que sale. Hasta que una de esas noches en el mes de febrero conoce a un individuo peculiar, Arturo, un actor con gustos sadomasoquistas en el dormitorio. Al principio esta todo claro Arturo es el dominante y Laura la dominada, pero a medida que la pelicula avanza notamos que hay algo mas siniestro en esta relacion y que Laura tiene problemas profundos. Su calendario tiene marcado en rojo el 29 de febrero, pero que significa eso? Cual es el dramatico evento que mantiene a Laura aislada de su familia y el mundo?
La pelicula, filmada por completo en el apartamento de Laura, no nos proporciona todas las respuestas a las incognitas per no por eso la narracion pierde fuerza. Es sin duda la crudeza sexual de muchas de las imagenes lo que produce mas impacto y lo que hara que el espectador nunca olvide este film. Desde un punto de vista mexicano tradicional esto podria ser considerado pornografico, sin embargo, esta pelicula es mas que eso, una historia de soledad y, de alguna manera, de amor insertada en un Mexico urbano y moderno.
July 8, 2012
beautiful romantic movie mix with timely wits
June 15, 2012
This is sex in cinema done right. The overall message of the film is so Powerful. Must watch.
May 4, 2012
An independent Mexican film that is a great character study about a woman who is very lonely and depressed.
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