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October 21, 2005
'From the milk we drank together, something of my blood, my life is in you,' Musa tells Danae, and explains more about this moving portrait than any political debate could.
June 23, 2005
Becomes an odd companion piece to the stunning Capturing the Friedmans, one of the most disturbing chronicles of family dysfunction ever documented.
June 17, 2005
Slim, heartbreaking film.
June 10, 2005
The man at its heart is a 76-year-old Palestinian named Musa, and if he and we are never quite sure what the movie is truly about it's still a pleasure to make his acquaintance.
June 10, 2005
Elon uses quiet and silence to great effect.
June 10, 2005
July 22, 2006
The Israeli director tries to find the Palestinian man who helped raise her, but her search doesn't tell us nearly enough about why finding him matters
October 30, 2005
... a film that handles tragic ironies lightly and offers simple hope in lieu of policy prescriptions.
October 20, 2005
Amounts to little more than pictures from a family album.
September 15, 2005
It's a documentary of Upstairs Downstairs dimension.
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