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Antonius Block
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November 29, 2016
The third installment in the series, and made after William Powell's bought with cancer and loss of Jean Harlow, 'Another Thin Man' doesn't miss a beat. Much is made of Powell and Myrna Loy's on-screen chemistry, and it's deserved. While figuring out whodunit, Powell is cool, calm, and bemused, and Loy is spunky and brave. They both have such a natural playfulness about them, and in addition to comic relief from their dog Asta, they have a one year old baby in this movie. I also absolutely loved the dancing we see in the 'West Indies Club' towards the end, by the (uncredited) René Rivero Guillen and Ramona Ajon (stage names René & Estela) - look for the clip on youtube, and you'll see what I mean, it's silky smooth and fantastic.
April 3, 2016
I loved this film, I am really digging the "Thin Man" series. I also love that no matter how many movies I see, there's also something new to discover, in this case it's just how great William Powell is. I am not sure who of today's actors I'd compare him to but he's awesome. Check it out.
½ January 12, 2016
Always fun to watch C Aubrey Smith - also watch for Shemp Howard. Several great lines, with Nora doing as much leg work as Nick in this one. As a bonus, they end up in the same bed together!
½ November 5, 2015
Delightful! Nick and Nora are back, and this time they are new parents. When a simple weekend in the countryside become anything buy, The Charles family gets roped into Nora's father's business partner, a rich man who is threatened by an old associate. Throw in lots of hilarious interplay, some kooky characters, and its another fun outing with Nick and Nora. The dialogue and verbal situations are even better this time around, especially with the police and that woman who playfully shoves Nick. This was a very fun mystery for sure.
May 30, 2015
#3 in the nick & nora aka the thin man series, if u liked 1 & 2 you'll like this one too
May 29, 2015
It is always a pleasure to be in the droll company of Nick and Nora Charles, played to comic perfection by William Powell and Myrna Loy. Here, in the second sequel to the smash hit The Thin Man (1934), they are back to sleuthing even though they are new parents; Nick Jr. is in tow as they head out to Long Island to help munitions tycoon C. Aubrey Smith (the veteran character actor) who is being blackmailed and threatened with murder (and ultimately becomes the victim). Although Nick is always on the look-out for a cocktail, he nevertheless pays attention to the clues as they slip by. Much like many of the other mystery series of the time, there are a number of suspects, some of whom are clearly red herrings - and they all wind up in Nick and Nora's hotel room at the end of the movie. At this point, Nick tells us how he solved the mystery and the murderer is apprehended. Apparently some of this came from an actual Dashiell Hammett story. Yet, even though the film became rather routine (and the joke about Nick being buddies with a bunch of ex-cons and hoods somewhat stale), Powell and Loy slyly make things feel fresh.
½ November 22, 2014
There's no drop in quality in this excellent third installment in the finest comedy or mystery series of all time. William Powell and Myrna Loy are simply magical together, and they're matched with a fine supporting cast, excellent script and some of the very underrated director Woody Van Dyke's best work.
August 4, 2014
If I had the opportunity to spend time with any fictional characters of my choosing, Nick and Nora Charles would certainly be right at the top of my list. In this installment of the fabulous series, like many of the sequels, the mystery is serviceable but the real fun is the banter between Nick and Nora Hick and Nora again solve a murder, but aren't drinking quite as much since they now have a newborn son, but the banter is as good as always. For my money, William Powell and Myrna Loy together as an onscreen couple can do no wrong.
April 1, 2014
Another great film with Loy and Powell. Fantastic fun. Movies just aren't made like this anymore.
½ February 1, 2014
Love Myrna Loy, love this series! Lots if suspense but lots of comedy as well, so much chemistry between these two but Loy always steals the show! Love her!!
½ December 2, 2013
Whether it's solving a murder or sipping a Bacardi, Nick and Nora Charles are excellent company--Screwball Mystery!!
½ November 22, 2013
This third entry in the popular Thin Man series gets a little more silly, but William Powell and Myrna Loy still have that charm. It's the same old whodunit with Nick searching for clues and the killer not being anyone suspected. The addition of Nick and Nora's son makes the film more family orientated, but there is still a lot of detective work to be had.

Grade: B+
August 3, 2013
Keeping Murder in the Family

Someone actually observes in this movie that murders and pretty girls seem to follow Nick Charles (William Powell) wherever he goes. I actually have a perverse fondness for that kind of self-reference in detective fiction, especially when the detective either isn't a professional or else is and is still as likely as not to just sort of stumble over a body somewhere. The second sheriff on [i]Murder, She Wrote[/i] made the observation once, and the cops on [i]Detective Conan[/i] have made the observation repeatedly. I mean, it is a fair point, isn't it? The more so with [i]Detective Conan[/i], which is starting to reach the point where you wonder if anyone in Japan is left not dead, in prison, or a cop. [i]Murder, She Wrote[/i] lasted twelve seasons, which is a lot, but [i]Detective Conan[/i]
has about seven hundred episodes. This is, what, the third [i]Thin Man[/i] movie? And most of them take place in big cities.

Nick and Nora (Myrna Loy) are home from San Francisco, back in New York. They have brought their baby, Nickie Junior (William A. Poulsen). They are called out to Long Island to see Colonel MacFay (C. Aubrey Smith), who had been a partner of Nora's father's and still has something to do with Nora's fortune. Naturally, the colonel is murdered. The first suspect is Phil Church (Sheldon Leonard), who says that, if he dreams someone's death three times, the person dies. Not, of course, that Phil himself kills them. But he dreamed the colonel's death three times, he says, and now, the colonel is dead. As usual, Nick ends up investigating the murder, whether he wants to or not. Nora, on the other hand, is enthusiastic about the idea of investigating the murder, and she's actually starting to get better at it. Not as good as Nick, but you know, that's the difference between a cop and an heiress. And the plot does tend to thicken.

One of the things I really like about these movies is the relationship between Nick and Nora. Okay, yes, they frequently pretend that they don't love each other--that they mostly just put up with each other. Nick pretends to have married Nora for her money, and it's hard to say why Nora married Nick, if you listen to them. On the other hand, a cop tries to make Nora jealous of Nick's past, and while she seems more curious than anything else, she spends the entire rest of the movie dropping the names the cop dropped to her, apparently in the hopes of getting Nick's side. When they run into each other in a nightclub, having gotten there independently while following two separate leads, he scares of a bevy of young men by asking if she's really supposed to be out of quarantine. Nora, gamely, goes along with it. After all, aside from the person who's got a lead for her, the only person she really wants to be with is Nick--though she's pretty confident she could have gotten the money to pay her informant from one of those men.

This movie also seems to spend less time insinuating that Nora is a completely unskilled investigator, which is possibly my least favourite running theme in the movies. Okay, yes, she misses her contact at the nightclub and ends up dancing with a gigolo, but she did get to the nightclub on her own in search of that tip. Which she turns out not to have needed, because the guy she was looking for just kind of came in on his own. Okay, it's while she's trying to extricate herself from that gigolo, but if she had just waited at that table a few more minutes, she wouldn't have needed to pay the informant at all. She's unskilled, but at least part of that is because Nick isn't willing to train her. This, I think, is because Nick really prefers being retired, but he keeps getting involved in these cases in spite of what he really wants. He's intrigued by them as puzzles, I think, and sometimes, he is investigating the deaths of people he knows and maybe even likes.

There's also the whole thing about Nick's bevy of underworld contacts. One of them, "Creeps" (Harry Bellaver), first tries to rob them, and when he finds out whose apartment it is, he decides instead to throw a birthday party for Little Nickie. And someone heard you couldn't get in without a kid, so he borrowed one from someone, because he wanted to go and didn't have a kid of his own. And so forth. I think the difference between that whole aspect of things and the way Nora is constantly shown to have no practical sense is that the movies are never mocking Nick. He is privately making fun of these people in his head, and it just so happens that they don't notice. Nora generally tends to, but one of the things I like about her is that she doesn't say anything. She is as unfailingly polite to people like "Creeps" as she is to the colonel or her own aunts and uncles. It is, I think, one of the things that Nick really likes about her, though he never says it--Nora has class.
½ May 22, 2013
Always good Who Done It's. And the Actor who played Shemp in the Three Stooges is in this. And he is a serious actor.
½ January 19, 2013
Gave this one a re-watch: these films are fast becoming an old stand-by as far as something to put on for background noise that I can drift in and out of.

Introducing the son of everyone's favorite sleuth couple, this film finds the family in the middle of yet another murder mystery.

Well worth a look folks, the chemistry is always wonderful and Nora becomes more involved in the case this time around.

September 22, 2012
Nick Charles is a lush.
½ September 10, 2012
Another murder comes crashing in on the lives of a peaceful Charles family. With a new baby on their hands, Nick and Nora try to stay away from any cases that might turn their lives upside down again. Yet the inevitable happens sooner than expected, when they're invited to a house of an old man named MacFay. After a perfidious killing and a complex investigation, Nick gathers the whole bunch of suspect in a cozy room, and once again solves the seemingly unsolvable affair.
Without losing the series' wonderful charm and laughing-out-loud gags, Another Thin Man comes as a strong position in the series. Maybe only a bit too long at times.
July 27, 2012
Straight-up awesome. Better than the first two.
July 21, 2012
strong entry to the series
½ April 28, 2012
The Thin Man series is just superb!! William Powell and Myrna Loy are probably one of the best screen couples and I would argue even better than Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey.
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