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November 10, 2012
This is a very weird movie, but it's very nice.
There's a lawyer who's married to a lovely wife, and they have a pre-school daughter together. He also has a relationship and hates gays and trans. His wife has epilepsy and she dies on a park bench. He's left with a daughter who misses her mum very much. While still seeing his lover, he tries to come to terms with his daughter grief as he's grieving himself. In order to help her daughter he starts dressing like a woman. Eventually, this will make his daughter come to terms with her mom's death, but it will also have the lawyer experience the prejudice gays do encounter each day. ANd he'll risk loosing his daughter too.
I liked the deep character analyses. You can clearly see he's a workaholic man, a jerk with both his wife and his lover, a despiteful man to an old gay actor, and yet such a tender, sweet dad to his daughter. He cares so much that he goes against his values to help her.
It's not such a bad movie. I've seen waaay worse. Only drawback, I don't think it's been dubbed. Actually I don't know if a R1 has been distributed.
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