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January 11, 2020
In other words, this found footage should've stayed hidden.
June 8, 2019
Quite possibly the worst film I have seen since I have been reviewing movies professionally.
May 25, 2018
It's a fun, clever thought experiment, but not one that's going to leave you shivering late at night the way a good horror film should.
August 26, 2015
A potentially cool "found footage" flick that is desperately in need of a lot more brains ... or a lot more silliness.
June 22, 2013
The movie builds up to a mystery that it never does much to resolve, with its big set piece reveal consisting mostly of a couple of rocks moving.
January 9, 2013
"The cheap frights don't deliver, the performers bring no pathos and the gimmick behind "Apollo 18″ flat out does not work."
October 2, 2012
It's impossible to recommend Apollo 18 to anyone but the most staunch found-footage fans. The film fails every requirement of a tense and enjoyable time at the theater.
September 19, 2012
"Apollo 18" is another dud in a genre that should have stopped before it got out of hand.
August 22, 2012
Feels like nothing more than an attempt to cash in on a trend, and it's a textbook example of how not to do that.
February 3, 2012
An astonishingly incompetent and interminable piece of work...
January 29, 2012
Apollo 18 is a mercilessly dull movie that just doesn't make much sense. It's light on thrills, and the found-footage gimmick works against the tension.
January 13, 2012
The REAL reason why we never built bases on the moon by 1999 . . .
November 8, 2011
An intriguing premise that never quite reaches liftoff.
September 9, 2011
I can only assume this movie is for people who know virtually nothing about the space program.
September 9, 2011
[A] zero-intensity space bore.
September 9, 2011
Apollo 18 has some nice ideas, some impressive effects work and a decent finale, but the first half is extremely dull and it's ultimately let down by frustrating sound design work, severe pacing problems and some incoherent editing.
September 9, 2011
Even as horror films go, this one is terrible indeed, lacking in the one element it would need to succeed on the most basic of terms: scares.
September 7, 2011
For the most part, alas, this only goes to show that in space, no one can hear you yawn.
September 7, 2011
What we have here is Conspiracy Theory 101 all Blair-Witched-up.
September 7, 2011
Dull, but diverting if you focus on the images' eerie beauty.
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