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½ March 3, 2016
I'm sorry Peter and Jesus....but this film does you no justice. It just didn't draw me into the experience, the way reading the text from the Holy Roman Catholic Bible or Douey Rheims Bible does. I sense it's inspiration was from the very inaccurate and incomplete King James Version of the bible. I also sense most of these actors have never stepped foot inside the Vatican Walls or Stood inside Saint Peters Basilica and have limited knowledge about Apostolic Succession and Transubstantiation and other very significant matters of early Church doctrine. This limited perspective is evident in most of the actors and as a result, the film lacks true divine inspiration.
September 10, 2015
Decent story. The portrayal of Jesus was not my favorite. some of the other apostles have distractingly fake beards and wigs. Robert Loggia gave a nice performance as the titular apostle. Some of the other casting choices, though are questionable. Towards the end, it gets a bit overdramatic. The creative team over this movie took quite a few liberties in this story that are arguably unnecessary.
April 25, 2014
Very interesting take on this famous story, esp loved the personal reflections each apostle had in his head when Jesus called out his betrayer.
March 29, 2013
That was powerful and at the end It was a massive WOW!
½ October 1, 2012
It's got some pretty bad acting, especially by whoever it is the randomly picked to portray Jesus
April 18, 2012
excellent movie. una película excelente
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