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Appropriate Behavior Quotes

  • Maxine: You know what, don't bother telling your parents about us. I know you, and the more that I think about it this is probably just a phase.

  • Shirin: God, I hate your friends.
    Maxine: My friends are my family, you don't know what that's like, to have to chose your own family because the one you're born into-
    Shirin: Oh come on, enough of this lesbian orphan propaganda. You know, we're all born into shit families, we deal with it!

  • Shirin: Um, I'm looking for the grown-up underwear of a woman in charge of her sexuality and not afraid of change.

  • Shirin: Fuck you.
    Maxine: I'm sorry, I don't know what happened.
    Shirin: What the fuck.
    Maxine: He's a man. It was like kissing a baby.

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