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½ May 15, 2010
this was hilarious
so sad i can't watch it now D:
January 18, 2010
Ever since 2001 when Adult Swim first came out I watched Home Movies, The Brak Show, Harvey Birdman, Sealab 2021, and of course, this show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I love this show! A show full of a shake, a fry, and a meat living in New Jersey next door to Carl, stupid, yes, but the show however is funny.

Now, I will say that I used to love the movie, but now I disliked it when they got into the Insanoflex plot. But anyway...

Overall, this is one of my favorite shows along with American Dad. And if you hate this show, then you're a GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT BIG DOUCHEBAG! (I love Frosted Flakes.)

June 27, 2009
I like this tv show very much. I've been watching it since 2003 when it was still new. It was one of the second tv shows I've watched from Adult Swim, the first one being Brak Show

Story takes place in New Jersey in some neighborhood. Master Shake, a sadist pistachio shake who is lazy, and likes to torture Meatwad, Frylock, a side of french fries who is very smart and acts like a parent to Meatwad. He's like a scientist, and Meatwad, a wad of meat who is the cutest of the team who had 3 dolls, a box with a face on it named Boxy Brown, an apple named Vanessa, and a toilet paper tube named Dewey. He can be very childish.

My favorite is Master Shake, and Meatwad. They are so funny.

I like the humor, the jokes. Its very funny
July 12, 2006
The greatest comedy show on TV! So funny!
½ February 4, 2006
All three Charlie Browns, classic holiday speacials, full of greatness. Wait how did Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1 & Snow Day, end up in this review?
June 27, 2004
Because I'm in a documentary mood, I'll review The Weather Underground. Because I've been watching the Aqua Teens the past two days, I'll review Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The Weather Underground is a documentary about the radical, usually violent group of anti-war, anti-racist (anti-government) protesters from the late 1960's and throughout the 70's known as The Weathermen (and later, The Weather Underground). Starting out as members of SDS, the protesters gathered for conferences to discuss what was to be done about civil rights, the war, etc. The Weathermen as a seperate organization organized riots and bombings of public buildings (though, when they were empty) in order to symbolize the violence that was happening throughout the world. The most amazing thing about this story is that The Weather Underground, who travelled the country evading the FBI, actually did just that. Eventually the participants have come out of hiding (after all it's been 30 years) and are living relatively peaceful lives. The intensely radical vision of these people is inspiring, though their tactics I find to be apalling. They even broke Timothy Leary out of prison! They're passion for justice is incredible and the movie is very powerful. If you get a chance, I think it's out on video. It's certainly something they don't teach you in History class.

Now for the [i]really[/i] thoughtful review.
I love the Aqua Teens. That's all. I'm tired. My neck hurts.
December 16, 2003
One of the funniest shows on Adult Swim courtesy of the Cartoon Network. It's more deranged than Family Guy, better written than Simpsons, and the art.. ok actually the art sucks. But the sucky art works well for some reason. It's got a dark sense of humor that may take a while to appreciate, and people may not like ATHF at first, but once you get used to it, it's great. The episodes with the Mooninites are instant classics, and are must-sees. Now if only they would release a Home Movies collection on DVD...
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