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½ October 6, 2015
Bad TV Movies ran out of things to fuse sharks with.
July 18, 2015
Arachnoquake may be the best SyFy original film. It's got comedy. Action. Little drama. It's a fun film in the form of an adventure. The plot is absolute crap. The spiders are boring and idiotic but you do randomly have Tracey Gold from Growing Pains and and other child actor, Edward Furlong from many films in the early '90s such as Terminator 2 and Pet Semetary 2.

And they are even married, and seeing them with two teenager kids is just weird but helps add to the need to finish the movie, because it's so random and awkward and you want to see how it turns out. The last third of the film is just really boring and then the last 15 minutes are cool and fairly entertaining, including the ending.
½ August 28, 2014
Syfy movie, actually not so bad, quite entertaining!
½ August 4, 2014
Based on a true story of course, this movie tells the tale of a breed of monstrous spiders that roam beneath the earths surface, only to be freed when a series of tremors allows them the freedom to run riot. Naturally the size of these creatures makes them highly unrealistic with obvious computer generated graphics that makes it all very plasticky. On the upside, this doesn't take itself too seriously, it has a cast full of geeky playboys and tarts that who look like they haven't ever been to acting school, and they're only use is to wear tight tops that enhance their assets. For such a film, it has quite a lengthy running time, yet the cheesy amusement didn't make me too bored, although I'm not going to rave great things about it either. I think the fact that spiders have an eerie presence no matter how badly they're portrayed, creates an unsettling appeal to this movie and some of the gore imposed when spiders hatched from beneath human skin was still gruesome to watch. Nowhere near the quality of arachnophobia but then again, the title alone suggests that was always going to be the case. Doubt this will be repeated, but always good to watch a poor film like this, as it allows one to appreciate classic blockbusters all the more!
August 1, 2014
An earthquake caused by Fracking unleashes killer spiders on an unsuspecting and largely stupid folk of New Orleans.
½ July 11, 2014
½ June 28, 2014
This was not the worst movie I've ever seen, but it definitely made it onto my list of 10 worst movies. The acting was pretty bad. The graphics were obviously fake and didn't pull me into the movie. The "spiders" were not believable at all. Not worth watching. I made it half-way through just to say I did, but I regret wasting my time.
August 14, 2013
A serial waster coasting by on his looks is forced to come good to save the day from evil, often giant, spiders released by an earthquake. Featuring Mr.Neelix as his disappointed but pretty hardcore dad, an actress that looks so unlike the hero playing his sister that they are forced to refer to each other as Brother and Sister in almost every exchange to ensure she isn't mistaken for a love interest, an insane Cajun warlord, wonderfully poor Windows 95 CGI and John Conner as a bus driver.
August 4, 2013
Better than Sharknado, even if Edward Furlong looks way too creepy as a person to be left in charge of high school girls.
April 15, 2013
Hilarious but I still think I might have a nightmare about spiders!
½ February 24, 2013
This has to be the worst use of CGI i have ever seen! It was averagely entertaining until the 40 minute mark where i lost interest. The whole thing is pretty dumb but the acting wasn't THAT awful. A few things were quite funny and the musical score wasn't too bad either. I found myself shouting at the screen quite often at the stupidity of the characters/actors a lot. I would not recommend this to anyone, it's not ludicrous enough to garner a viewing and the production isn't lacking enough to find it unintentionally funny so what's left is a boring movie either way.
½ January 28, 2013
Protagonizada por la niña (ahora vaca) de "Los Problemas crecen" y el niño (recien salido de un "after") de Terminator 2. Aguanté 40 minutos.... Bufff
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