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Archie's Final Project Quotes

  • Archie Williams: don't judge me because it's jugement that defeats us all
    Archie Williams: Don't judge me, because it's jugement that defeats us all.

  • Sierra: Whats your worst memory?
    Archie Williams: I guess it's that I have no memories. No wins, loses, or big tragedies. I'm just kind of here.
    Sierra: So your going to kill yourself because life's too easy?
    Archie Williams: There's just so much of everything, so nothing has any meaning. So what's the point?

  • Archie Williams: Hell hath no fury like a horny teen with no outlet.

  • Archie Williams: I was programed to behave the American dream.

  • Archie Williams: I grew up with everything that a kid could possibly want.

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